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A similar scent to Avignon, it is primarily a Frankincense fragrance. I LOVE frankincense, but this is very linear. I get no smoke or change in smell from first spritz through dry-down. I would buy a bottle if I could find one for under $100, BUT it isn't unique enough to pay retail.
29th July 2017
Smokey wood, resinous wood opening. Very dry and uber resinous. It's easy to see that this was intended to be a serious wood fragrance. The opening is pure wood and smoke. There are supposed to be red pepper and chamomile in the opening, but I don't smell them because my olfactory apparatus is overwhelmed by the wood and smoke. This is an attractive accord – a fine quality smoke note grounded in fine quality wood notes; attractive but not very much new about it. This opening accord doesn't last as long as needed, quickly losing projection while trying to maintain / recover the ebbing resinousness by following up with styrex, frankincense, and patchouli; an accord inherently less interesting than the first-level smoky accord. Whether smoke, incense, or patchouli, I don't get much projection or longevity.
I do like the subtly of Biehl Parfumkunstwerke mb03. This is an incense fragrance that I wouldn't call "churchy" simply because it doesn't project enough off my skin to qualify as such. Because it is subtle, it is highly wearable, but I don't find it quite interesting enough for me to want to wear it.
21st February 2014

Unisex Incense, dry If I am going to spend money and wear a scent, it has got to touch me somewhere inside and inspire me just a little bit. Make me happier a little bit. Firstly, this perfume line needs a makeover- the name and the title of these perfumes are quite off putting. Sorry, I am human and I respond to the usual marketing whether that is a good thing or not- it is the truth . Secondly, this scent is nothing remarkable. There are at least half a dozen other scents like mb03 I could chose from .There is nothing worse than being unremarkable in a market such as this. Anyway, mb03 is an incense fragrance - heavier in the top notes and feels perhaps more masculine in the top notes than the dry down. It is dry and steely ( as in the metal ) but wearable . It is quite a transparent scent after the top notes , quite sheer in some respects. Lasting power was about 2 and half hours . After the initial hit, it wears quite softly. Pros: Wearable IncenseCons: Not memorable"
2nd September 2013
Skin scent, if I could detect it I suppose it was slightly spicey.
22nd April 2013
First of all, I like MB3, I like Mark Buxton's creations and I totally loved a bunch of them such as CDG 2 Man or CDG Original but we really needed another one like Avignon, Around Midnight, Cardinal? This is a good, dark church-y incense but, unfortunately, it's really too similar to the ones I mentioned which are cheaper and much more readily available (Avignon anyone?).
5th March 2011
I recently tried a few samples of this fragrance based on Base Notes reviews and a few other sources. Because of what I am currently looking for in a scent, Biehls MB03 seemed like a good bet, albeit a very pricey one! After doing some research and listening to a few converts, Biehl MB03 seemed like an incense fragrance I might want to wear and own.

I couldn't wait to try this scent when the samples arrived. This is a nice enough fragrance and I like it a lot. Initially I felt rather disappointed after wearing MB03 a few times and overall, this scent left me with a big "HUH...I do not understand all the fuss!"

While I like this fragrance a lot, I did not find it to be terribly outstanding or unique. With all the P.R. and press about Biehl's "fragrance labs," etc, I guess I was expecting something truly original, outstanding and highly unique. Instead after wearing MB03 a few times, I found myself thinking, "Okay...this is nice enough but somehow, I just don't get it."

For me, the dry down of this fragrance turned a bit too powdery. I also kept detecting a prevalent note that just didn't sit right with me...a note that almost smelled a bit rancid or odd. Again, the dry down didn't seem to work well with my chemistry.

For the price, I did not think the longevity was good at all. Also, not enough sillage for my taste. I think if I have to drop $265 on 3.3 ml of an EDT, I'll stick with my beloved Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. This is a beautiful scent but it just didn't quite cut it for me.
1st May 2010
I am mostly a big fan of Mark Buxton's work, and it all started with this scent. It's pretty linear, and I can't distinguish much in the way of individual notes, but it is without doubt my favorite incense fragrance. I really like the CdG Incense series, as well, but there was something not quite there for me with all of them, whereas mb03 seems to find just the right balance. Good persistance, nice sillage. It's a bit pricey, but I got my money's worth.
12th February 2010
Incense and patchouli. That's really all there is to it. Nothing magical but well-made and good use of incense. Gone in a short time. Kinda feels leathery and is probably the precursor to Buxton's Hot Leather.
25th January 2010
bm03 reminds me of Armani Prive Bois d'encens, although it's more muted and hasn't the latter's root-piercing radiance. I like it, even if it only lasts a couple of hours on my skin.
3rd January 2009
mb03 is a nice enough fragrance with a scent falling somewhere between Zagorsk and Avignon with a little extra spice thrown in for good measure and a drydown that is a little sweeter than the two CdG's previously mentioned. This is really a skin scent, it doesn't seem to project very far off the skin at all. Longevity was about 4 hours. Personally, I think I'd prefer to spend my money on the Incense Series by CdG than for a bottle of mb03.
9th November 2008
Mb 03 is probably my least favorite in the biehl's mb line but that is only because I am so enamored of mb 01 and 02. Mb 03 is predominantly an incense perfume which is similar to CdG Zagorsk but the chief difference is that mb 03: a) is smoother due to the addition of chamomile, and b) comes across as slightly more complex given its swirl of spices. The gentleness of mb 03 also had me thinking of CdG's Palisander. After 10-15 minutes, mb 03's sandalwood notes gently emerge in a dry aromatic way and combine nicely with the red pepper. Lest you be concerned about the red pepper aspect, I think it is extraordinarily well blended and serves to complement the other notes rather than overpower them (ie. this is not like TDC's Rose Poivree).Mb 03 also has Mark Buxton's trademark etherealness and is very much in keeping with his style of creating perfumes that stay close to the skin. By that, I mean that you really cannot smell it unless you have your nose right next to your skin. But, even with this closeness, it lasted about 2 hours. Here are the notes for biehl parfumkunstwerke's mb 03, courtesy of The Perfumed Court: roman chamomile, red pepper, elemi, cistus, cashmere wood, styrax, amber, incense, sandalwood, patchouli.
12th August 2008