mb02 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • violet, bergamot, marigold, basil
  • Heart

    • carnation, violet leaf, iris, labdanum
  • Base

    • sandalwood, musk, fir balsam, siamese benzoin

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A very, nicely, bitter opening, with green, crisp violet (more the stem of the plant) and basil. Then it stays bitter, but on the woody side. I get some iris sometimes. Good sillage and longevity. Sweet and dark. Real unisex.
9th January 2017
Smells like Black Forest gateau, with kirsch. Nice! Faintly reminiscent of Penhaligon's Cornubia, which I already own, or I would consider seeking out a full bottle of this.
26th April 2013

I agree with Alfarom in the observation this is a bit uninspited and (i would add) finally common with a sort of soapy/cedary bright effect. This fragrance exudes in my opinion prevalently some Buxton's hallmarks more than the CdG's main trails or better, the aqueous transparency is too evanescent and shortly operating while a bit of soapiness, appointed by a benzoin/floral (it seems mainly violets) spicy chord, soon starts to characterize the basic musky woodiness. I smell some resemblance with fragrances as Canali For Men but this one ends finally more powdery (with a touch of iris) and smooth. The longevity is impressive on me for a close to skin juice. The final outcome is a discreet and elegant woody/floral with an ethereal balmy touch.
12th March 2013
When we think about Mark Buxton what comes to mind is the tremendous work he did for Comme Des Garcons. His talent when composing trendsetter fragrances such as CDG2, CDG2Man, CDG Original Perfume or White was incredible and together with Bertrand Duchafour and Antoine Lie he collaborated to build the identity of one of the most innovative houses of the last couple of decades.

With that in mind, MB02 results a pleasant but not very inspired composition that while showing many of the Buxton's hallmarks, at the same time it's nowhere close to his better works. A transparent, moderately sweet, non-intrusive benzoin/violet concoction slightly enriched by subtle floral patterns. Smells nice, but it's overall forgettable.
6th January 2012
Slightly spicy floral from the carnation. I do get a bit of musk at the opening along with bergamot. Slightly green feel. Elegant. Good sillage.
21st April 2010
Upon first applying, I did not like it. Started off as a strange liquid soapy deal. That's all well in the past as the first five minutes is all just a hoax.As this Mark Buxton ccreation slides into the basenotes, it reminds me of Dior Homme. Dior Homme is infamous (to me) for having an overdose of iris giving off a "mom's cosmetic bag" smell. Here, the iris is subdued just enough to be pleasant and let the other notes take over. It becomes a much better (longevity and projection wise) scent than say, Canali for Men which also shares the iris and spices accords.A mix of light spices, florals and a citrus (which I think is what the top/beginning was so jumbled) dries into a great blend. Soft, woodsy, and calming. Light enough for the summer.
17th April 2010
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