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For some unbeknownst reason, testing Max Mara was something I had been looking forward to. I didn't know much about it, I barely know the brand and to be honest, nothing about the notes appealed to me, yet I felt a good testing of this fragrance was essential.

When it came down to it, Max Mara was pleasant but nothing overly exciting. It's a simplistic spicy floral with hints of sparkling citrus throughout. I had an image of elegance in my mind prior to testing Max Mara, and while it could indeed be worn formally, it's also rather casual and basic in its approach.

The heart was unfortunately quite nauseating for me as it took on an odd bitterness, which only smelt cheap and plasticky to my nose. The floral notes didn't shine like I thought they would, instead they were quite loud and brash. I was a little shocked that Max Mara could smell so synthetic and strange. I still haven't managed to come to terms with its disappointing composition.

Thankfully the drydown is really pretty. An almost gourmand-like blend of sugar and orchid, a blend that also worked well in Britney Spears Fantasy. For Max Mara to end with a somewhat syrupy sweet drydown didn't seem so befitting with its mature and spicy floral opening.

I found the sillage to be moderate and the lasting power rather commendable, however I'm not ready to recommend this fragrance to anyone anytime soon. Max Mara's Le Parfum, despite its basic and clean soapy accords, is Max Mara's best fragrance so far, at least in my opinion.
20th April 2012

Musk, magnolia and powder. This scent is sensual, clean, quiet and soapy. The opening is peppery and citrusy, the blast is not particularly angular but sharp and almost dusty. The cloud starts soon to soften towards something smoother and musky but with a spicy, almost edible, and finally soapy warmth. The final powder is characterized by the dominant smell of magnolia and by the powderiness of cedarwood. Comforting but unclassy and linear.
9th March 2012

This is a über-sweetened version of "Bois Farine" by L'Artisan. Both perfumes are "Floral Woody Musk's". But this sugared "Max Mara" has a nicer price-tag to it. You simply must try this! A lot of perfume for the money! One of my signature-fragrances - love love love !!!
11th October 2010
One of the most 'edible' fragrances I have ever encountered! An uncanny redintion of a lemon custard tart - initially charming, it is delicious and wearable for a while - but the sweetness gradually becomes a lemon icing that sets the teeth on edge.
26th May 2010
This dries done to a very nice kind of sweet magnolia on me. I feel sophisticated yet warm and approachable when i wear this. This is a perfect summer fragrance. I must agree with Parisa, definitely not one for the 'mom run'.
5th September 2008
love this since just discovering it. i was delighted at first spray. this drys down to a creamy cinnamon custard on me. it is not overpowering it but does linger for those closeups with your special someone. my husband adores this fragrance on me.
20th May 2008
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