Mauboussin pour Homme 
Mauboussin (2003)

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Thierry de Baschmakoff
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A Woody oriental with a lavender note. The bottle reflects the company's origins in jewelry.

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Reviews of Mauboussin pour Homme by Mauboussin

There are 17 reviews of Mauboussin pour Homme by Mauboussin.

This is a unusual Lavender fragrance in a beautiful bottle.
The EDP is the way to go here. I own both the EDP and the EDT and the edt version has a stale quality that appears cloying to my nose. The EDP is pure class. A definite gentlemens scent that is best suited for the mature wearer.
Sep 23, 2021

I really can't express my dislike for this one enough, bear in mind, i am not a lavender fan, and this one is very strong on the ingredient.

The opening is lavender from the start, although with a little kick of spice, I sense a earthy component in the background, which reveals to be patchouli, another note I am not fond of. The lavender goes from a fresh Snuggle fabric softener dryer sheet, to more of a makeup, powdery, borderline disgusting smell. Fortunatley, the vanilla note hits pretty fast (within 20 minutes of the fragrance on skin. In the end of this very simplistic fragrance, I'm left with sort of a barebones version of Le Male, with a more barbershop feel.

I can definitely see why some men would like this, it's certainly classy in its own right, but I think a lot of guys, such as myself will hate it. It's kind of along the lines of Caron un pour Homme, but they don't smell anything alike, just in the way they serve the same purpose, classy, vanilla and lavender combo, barbershop style fougere's.

It's not that I dislike the smell so much, as it is that it makes me actually nauseous. Lavender is one of those notes that does that to me, and with patchouli, it has to be paired well with other notes, usually something more in depth that this. Since it's so simplistic, the ingredients used are all highlighted, so if this sounds like something you would like, or enjoy lavender, vanilla, and patchouli (I also pick up on iris, and some spice in the opening) - then look no further.

Oh ya, this is a review of the EDP. I also agree with Buysblind's comparison to Jaipur, there's definitely a similarity here, but this one is like Jaipur for the day time. Jaipur is more oriental, and ironically, another fragrance I just can't stand.
Aug 23, 2020

From November, 2015

This review is for the original EDP that comes in the box with the purple stripe along the bottom (still widely available on eBay).

I'm not going to go into much depth here other than to say that this is a very good spicy lavender fragrance with great hold and vibrancy and a nice woody vanilla base. At first sniff it reminded me of a more wearable and modern Jaipur Homme--a sort of spicy-powdery scent, but Mauboussin is more masculine due to the presence of patchouli and the lack of significant floral notes (other than the lavender, of course). There's a certain "stickiness" to the fragrance, and I mean that in the best way possible. I've noticed this quality in Masculin Pluriel by MFK as well, and it seems someone else also finds them similar. This might be attributed to the combination of lavender, cinnamon, and vanilla. All in all, a solid offering from Mauboussin, a good barbershop fougere that avoids the stereotypical aftershave smells and maintains a fresh, updated appeal. Feel is casual to semi-formal, longevity and projection are both average to a little above. Thumbs up and available for a more than reasonable price.
Aug 13, 2019

The lavchounilla
Is a bit of a weird beast
But not without charms.
Nov 5, 2017

Mauboussin Homme is a fragrance which could effortlessly sell well in today's niche or high-end designer market. I would definitely pay a higher price for it, since for the quality, its price a complete steal. The composition smells quite “new” and really sophisticated, the materials are clearly good and vibrant, there's almost zero “designer cheapness”, and the scent shows all the solid skills of a great nose like Morillas. It's a win to all extents, and I can't see a reason to dislike it – except maybe for the slightly disappointing longevity, and the fact that they reformulated it – I assume that happened somewhere in 2005/2006 when Diana de Silva (which manufactured the first version) closed down. I haven't tried the second version, which seems easier to find today, but the earlier bottles (with the purple bottom band) are still quite widely available, so no panic– in case of doubt, I'd look for those. And anyway my review is based on that first version.

Now, the juice: a surprisingly consistent, compelling and elegantly comforting smooth blend opening with a fresh and distinguished – but somehow “youthful” too – accord of bergamot, lavender and cinnamon soon joined by a sort of “phantom of Azzaro pour Homme” bone-structure (anisic sage and other “culinary” herbs, woods), recalling itself YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme, and also Cristobal pour Homme; together with a crisp, tasteful accord of something like ginger and spiced sandalwood which, as other reviewers noted, does indeed recall Carven Homme a bit. All brilliantly dusted with a subtle sweet accord of vanillic patchouli (smelling basically almost like cocoa beans) which considering the presence of citrus, herbs, sandalwood and musk, seem somehow anticipating some chords of Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme. But it's not over yet: there's also something dark around, dark and medicinal too, which joins the aromatic herbs in a really far souvenir of vintage YSL M7 (in the end, Morillas just composed it the year before).

You get the picture: a modern, spicy-balsamic (almost minty at first) Oriental fougère with a really crisp and smooth vibe and a dark shade, rounded by a surprisingly odd but perfectly fitting sort of sweet-fresh frame (I think it's due to some nuances of cinnamon and lemon blending together), quite complex actually but perfectly harmonic and really easy to pull off. An elegant and uplifting fragrance to say the least, with a perfect evolution bringing it towards lukewarm woodier-muskier territories as hours pass, still keeping the lavender-cinnamon-vanilla combo up and running (joined by a whiff of cedar-infused incense, maybe due to the aromachemicals commonly used to built sandalwood notes).

Some of the facets of Mauboussin Homme show indeed many references to other fragrances, but considered as a whole, this scent is actually quite unique. It brilliantly puts together several inspirations, and it does it with versatility and effortless class. It smells like a bridge between classic aromatic fougères like Azzaro pour Homme and post-2000s Oriental woody-spicy gourmands. I'd define it quite “laid-back”, sophisticated by with a really carefree and relaxed vibe. And smelling just good, really good. It has just something “right” and inspired, which I really enjoy a lot. Recommended.

Sep 30, 2015

A luxurious floral/oriental perfume. I have the EDP. Longevity good and has a lovely silage. Smells really classy.
Feb 26, 2013

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