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The smell of of bubble bath mixed with jasmine - kind of like fruity bubble gum, but very soapy. I think there's some orange blossom in here, adding citric brightness and a floral undertone, while a bit of carnation adds a cinnamon-toned spice. There are aquatic elements in here as well (subtle melon and seaweed), proving that the sample I have is clearly from a 1990's formulation. There's just a whiff of civet, mixing with the upfront soap and marine elements to give the illusion of a body in a bath or a bit of funk on a beach.

In agreement with foetidus's review, when I smell my arm and get a complex, soapy jasmine with spice and citrus, this is really nice. But when I try again and just smell antiquated bubble bath and the dregs of a dated marine perfume, I'm not really impressed.

As an aside, Clive Christian has reused the Matsukita name for a recent release, but it has absolutely nothing in common with this (the Clive is actually a very nice apple floral smoky incense perfume).

11th July 2022
Matsukita smells to me a touch green, a tad pink, and mostly white floral in nature. It isn't quite powdery, but so very hazy around the edges. There is just a hint of filth under the prim and cleanly petals - I'm going with indolic jasmine on this one, over a backdrop of carnation. Very old-fashioned and impossibly soft. More of a comfort than an attention piece. Very pleasant, but arguably too quiet.
8th February 2016

Jasmine and green, subtly presented in a texture olfaction… the kind of texture some people refer to a cardboard, or hairspray, or (my favorite) Snuggles: This is the entire basis and the content of Crown's Matsukita. It's a clean, subtle, non-flowery floral fragrance. Most of the time I smell it as a clean, jasmine / floral. A few times, I have gotten Snuggles. When it's the floral, it's elegant and feminine. When it's Snuggles, its very forgettable and unisex. A chancy fragrance IMO…
7th August 2009