Matin Calin Sugar Milk / Lait Sucré fragrance notes

  • Head

    • caramel, milk
  • Heart

    • sugar
  • Base

    • vanilla, sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Matin Calin Sugar Milk / Lait Sucré

I don't know about sugar milk but it has a movie theater vibe, like the smell of buttered popcorn in the air.

Projection is average but the longevity is lacking, maybe 4 hours.
16th March 2019
Matin Calin captures what it aims to: warmed milk with lots and lots of sugar. It has a bit of a burnt note which I personally enjoy, rather like the sugar has begin to caramelize. Makes me think of slowly boiling milk in a pan, though, with the burnt note, I've probably left it just a bit too long. This fragrance doesn't change at all throughout, it is very simple and unsurprising.

It has poor sillage, you must be right up to the skin to smell it. It also has poor lasting power, pretty much gone in an hour. This is a thumbs up and positive review, however. It is recommendable. If you like a warm, milky comfort scent, Matin Calin pulls it off. Not sure I'd ever wear it outside the home.
5th January 2013

Eww. This definitely smells like baby vomit. And I don't like kids, so this is not a good thing at all.
27th January 2010
I think the tester must have been off -- it smelt like baby's sick. The sales assistant called me over as he had smelt earlier and wanted me to confirm that it was the worst smell ever and I almost gagged -- rotten milk mixed with toffee -- this wasn't auto suggestive, it was baaaad. If it wasn't off, I don't want to be near anyone who is wearing this. Makes Secretions Magnifique seem like a bouquet of flowers in comparison.
23rd April 2009
I like this a lot better than I thought I would. I mean… sugared milk? How attractive is that as a personal fragrance? Well, it does attract: it's fun; it's unique; it's enjoyable. There is a weak milk note, a weak sugar note, and a weak vanilla note, and they combine to form this light and delicious gourmand, I think the reason I like it is that its lightness doesn't allow it to get annoying. Very linear, but that's not a problem in this case. Somewhat feminine as far as I'm concerned, but I wouldn't argue if others don't see it that way. I've seen the comments about incredibly poor longevity, but it lasts about an hour and a half to two hours on my skin. I like it.
23rd August 2008
Got a sample of this one and I must say it is quite nice. It has a comforting warm sweet milky smell, creamy and carmelized. Definately gourmand, definatly a comfort scent. Best for cool weather, as heat could make warm milk aspect smell unpleasant. I don't really see this one as a unisex scent, seems too girly for male use. Great for those cold winter days when you need a little comfort. If you like sugary milky stuff, go for it! This does have an almost butter-like quality, if this sounds unappealing, it probably isn't for you.
10th June 2008
I like the smell of Matin Calin, but to call this a body scent? I don't know. It's a little strange walking around smelling like butterscotch. They call it "toffee milk" but I don't smell the milk or the sandalwood. I do smell the vanilla and what they call "sugar candy." The scent is warm and creamy, for sure, but it's a bit too much like wearing food for my tastes. To each his/her own!
2nd June 2007
Fabulous! But only in the beginning. For real milk lovers. Very sweet, even sticky and although so far this is the first "milky" fragrance I find quite satisfying, I cannot wear it all day long. It is rather boring and the fresh notes that probably were supposed to add some life to the milk and sugar are disturbing.The longivity is dissapointing.
26th February 2007
I hate milk. And when I sniff the nozzle, this stuff seems kind of gross. It reminds me of milk that someone put way too much sugar in. But when I spray it on myself, it quickly turns into an interesting fragrance as the vanilla notes become apparent. Still, I'm not in the mood for it every day. I only wear it once in a while. It has excellent staying power on my skin. My room mate liked it on me so she tried a little on her hand and it smelled unappealing (like spoiled milk). We gave it 15 minutes and it still smelled gross, so she washed it off. So defitely try a sample on yourself before buying a bottle. It's all body chemistry I suppose.
22nd February 2007
Wonderful, sweet pleasant scent. I wish it was still available!
24th January 2007
I had no idea of how addicted I would become to this fragrance. I cannot walk past my bottle without spritzing some on. It is nothing like my other fragrances. The scent is sweet, warm, candied milk. I suppose this is not for everyone but, if you do love soft, sweet scents, give this a try.
20th January 2007
Very warm scent, I like because it reminds me of butterscotch or dulce de leche and I'm a great gourmands fan. What a shame its staying power is so mediocre! I would give it a thumbs up if it was more intense...
20th October 2006