Marterosso fragrance notes

  • Head

    • verbena, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Galbanum,
  • Heart

    • lavender, sage, rosemary, Broom, Myrtle,
  • Base

    • Oakmoss, patchouli, Vetiver, leather, Musk,

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Latest Reviews of Marterosso

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This is an interesting fragrance. A fresh, very green and rather loud scent, strong and with substantial body. Starts off with a strong lemon–verbena note. Galbanum to support it, if I am to believe my unrefined nose. There is rosemary and maybe also other herbs. I can detect no lavender. It is also dry, hence I consider it a chypre. The topnotes are replaced by a rather perfumed, and also a somewhat fatty, honeyed (yellow) note enters with which I’ve had some difficulties to digest. It reminds me of labdanum, which is a more sombre and austere note, however. It might instead be the listed broom; some other mentions cistus, which I believe is a close relative to labdanum. It is however a more « perfumey » note than the usual labdanum I have come to know. This dominates the heart. Drydown is synthetic (unfortunately) oakmoss, musk, some vetiver and patchouli. The above notes list leather, whose presence to my mind is very slight, if at all. It is of course possible to evoke a perfumed leather note from the aforementioned. Longevity and sillage are good, it’s fairly strong.
The style, as I’ve come to understand, must be Italianate, very clean and fresh, invigorating even. Lean and elegant but clearly masculine, at the same time and without getting thin. The perfumey, powdery aspect, which tilts it towards the feminine, needs some getting used to.
11th April 2022