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Marseille by Comme des Garçons

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Marseille is a shared scent launched in 2021 by Comme des Garçons

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There are 2 reviews of Marseille by Comme des Garçons.

The smell of soap bubbles popping right beyond your nostrils, Marseille is aldehydes for days, with a squeak of orange blossom, and a slug of Cosmone, a Givaudan musk that is exceptionally diffusive and intense, reminiscent of the classic nitromusks of yesterday. Its voluminous quality and sparkling outer layer also suggests ambergris, and here in Marseille, it fleshes out Quentin Bisch's concept of a Savon de Marseille cube once lathered.

This is the ultimate soapy fragrance. Perfect suds and bubbles with no 'synthetic' screech and a wonderfully powdery musk far into the dry down. Well done, Mr. Bisch.

It opens like a really realistic copy of pure Marseille soap. Very pleasant, but at this moment nothing amazing. Subsequently, the soap is combined with a big dose of abroxan and musk (cosmone) and at this moment, you start to looking for what it smells so incredible beautiful about here. :-) The moment, when you start shopping impulsively. :-) Longevity and projection are very good too.

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