Mark Ecko Green 
Marc Ecko (2012)

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There are 1 reviews of Mark Ecko Green by Marc Ecko.

Surprisingly this is very nice; but also very "mottled" in a way.

It's hard to determine individual notes for me. It's a fairly linear fragrance, and while usually most linear fragrances follow a common theme, this one is actually a completely different DNA; so I will do my best to sum up what it smells like. It's sort of tropical, but more green, lush greens like grass, leaves, and such, not dirty greens. To me, the rainforest accord is very prevalent, as it reminds me of a tropical rainforest, and although I have never been to one, it's the vibe I get. There's a certain floral component here, but a very fresh floral, no white florals, no roses. The base is very uninspired, and I get none of the notes listed.

Overall, the performance is not as bad as you'd expect from a completely synthetic fragrance, consisting of pretty much just top and mid notes and accords with no substantial base. I get about 3-4 hours, with about average projection.

For me, this is a guilty pleasure type of fragrance. Marc Ecko makes very boring, lackluster, linear fragrances, usually just top notes with prolonged longevity, and nothing to look forward to in the dry down. Linear, so the top notes are often, really in all Ecko fragrances I've tried, become the life of the scent. I think Eckno Green is the best of the Ecko brand, as I have tried about 5 from this house.

It's not worth paying exorbitant asking prices for any of these once they go into discontinuation.. I think Ecko Green is the only one worth $20 max for 3.4 oz.
Feb 13, 2019

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