Marfa fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange blossom
  • Heart

    • tuberose, iris
  • Base

    • sandalwood, cedarwood, white musk

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White flower lover dream. It isn't a simple or typical white floral. It's like a rich and deliciously creamery covered in white and yellow flower petals. A gorgeous oriental fragrance. For my nose there is in indolic jasmine, and ylang ylang. Not sure about the unisex label,due to the strong floral theme of this perfume.

Marfa opens with a room-engulfing plume of scent; there is orange blossom but it's outshone by the almost milky floral-vanillic bouquet of the middle and base. The agave carries through the middle where it lends a sharpness to the creamy yellow bouquet of ylang ylang, and ever-so-slightly tuberose. The slightest hint of musk towards the end. The vibe it gives off is very feminine. Good scent but nothing special.
13th July 2021
Wow. This is one you're glad you tried the sample 1st. A little of this goes a long loud way. This leans way towards feminine and I'm male so not for me. Opens as a strong perfume of old type scent something my mom would like and she's 95. Middle notes tone down to become a more unisex type scent not so in your face as opening. Iris dominates thru the middle. As the Iris fades the woods and musk come thru but not enough to save it for me.
2nd December 2019

I've tried nearly every scent by Memo, and this is the only one I truly hate. Marfa is a white floral so blindingly potent that it should fall under the Chemical Weapons Ban in the Geneva Conventions. Just smelling the applied area made my nose hairs curl. As far as what it's trying to smell like, an infinitely better version is Fior di Riso by Farmacia Annunziata dal 1561- a soft powdery white floral that smells truly wonderful. Avoid this one.
4th May 2019
An extremely loud Giorgio-Beverly-Hills-esque mix of orange blossom and tuberose that quickly goes weird, as the indolic undertones of each fuse with an overload of salt to end up smelling like salty play-doh. Given time, the play-doh fades, leaving a pretty tropical floral, smelling mostly like soapy ylang over vanilla, with subtle hints of coconut and banana.

In all, I like the tropical base, but didn't care for the loud play-doh, and I can't help but feel that Marfa is confusing loudness for richness, hoping that nuclear sillage will simulate luxury concentration, when I'm afraid it just doesn't. So ultimately, Marfa is not for me.
17th July 2018
At the first time or first smell,I didn't like it... but after 15-20min something happened on my skin...the fragrance melts into the skin and gives of a soft,sweet,blossoming scent. Very luxurious scent.
27th November 2017