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Mare by Beth Terry Creative Universe

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Mare is a shared scent launched in 1997 by Beth Terry Creative Universe

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Reviews of Mare by Beth Terry Creative Universe

There are 20 reviews of Mare by Beth Terry Creative Universe.

I have a friend who eats nothing but junk food, just chips and candy and frozen pizzas and crap like that, but he goes to Whole Foods and buys the expensive junk food there, so he likes to think of himself as a bit of a foodie. But seriously? A frozen chicken nugget with a silly backstory about Italian artisans lovingly crafting a recipe is still just deep-fried frozen junk. It just costs more and it's harder to find, so we humans are hard-wired to think that it must somehow be better.

Which brings me to Mare. It's essentially the salty fabric softener smell of CK One with the fake lemon taken out and replaced with that ubiquitous 90's green aquatic chemical smell. It smells like a Bath & Body Works in 1996. Sorry folks, but I honestly think this is nothing more than an expensive frozen chicken nugget...

Beth Terry Creative Universe MareWhat is the scent equivalent to that broken in pair of jeans you wear forever? Or the t-shirt that just seems to fit so well? Or the pair of sandals that fit your feet like a glove? None of those choices are the "best" but they impart a sense of comfort and familairity and as I have with clothes; so do I have with perfume. When I want to wear the equivalent of something that just seems to "fit" I choose the 1997 release by Beth Terry Creative Universe, Mare. Mare is a deceptively simple scent, three notes listed; sea salt, avocado, ginger lily. That is all that is there, each note rings out clearly and forcefully. Mare is mostly an aquatic scent and, for someone who is decidedly light on aquatics in his wardrobe, it is surprising how comfortable this is on me. Mare begins with the the brininess of sea salt; it reminds me of the smell of the spray off the front of my boat when I opened the engine full-throttle. It has a cleanliness but also a heft due to the saltiness that feels perfect to my sensibilities. Next up is avocado and this is a brilliant choice to pair with the salty beginning. Most times citrus is introduced in many aquatics. Ms. Terry's choice of a richer accord makes for added depth and the avocado compliments the top note instead of trying to add contrast. The base is ginger lily, a slightly spicy accord, with the clean lines that lily can afford makes this the ideal partner in a scent of this type. Mare develops into a phase where all three notes are present and accounted for and intermix quite pleasantly. Mare has above average longevity on me and decent sillage. Mare is easily my favorite aquatic scent some of which is due to the level of comfort I derive from it. On the other hand, isn't that what every scent should do?

Very nice sea smell, but short lasting. I've tried many, but Mare is one of the very few fragrances that actually DOES remind me of the sea, & here the beach is clean . The bottle is simple & minimalist (tall, slender & clear), but uninspired at this price, similar to Oltre in that way. Doesn't last nearly as long as Oltre, but Mare has a lighter, fresher smell. Seems to be marketed as a woman's fragrance, but don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself if you like it. Mare is not easy to find on the market, but worth the trouble of locating it.

Not completely terrible, but lame scent nevertheless. Interesting concept and nice try, but the scent seems to me, like I said; lame.I actually enjoy scents in general with salty, sour or/and tart notes, and this has them all, but still I can't like it. It is just so thin and sharp. Its in a way too simple and it doesn't smell particularly well made. It has an ability to sting my nose to the point it really annoys me. It's also very feminine in my opinion.It lasts about 2 hours on me. And I think the smell has very little to do with the ocean. It smells much more like some green, very bitter plant.

I applied Mare to myself which I realize this is a men's cologne which I do not like it on me!However, I think this is a great scent for female olfactory, because I think Mare would smell sexy on a man.As far as the perfume goes, the floral do not appear on my skin, rather the clean sea salt and a crisp avocado. I do not detect ginger lily. I tried this perfume in winter 08. I think this fragrance works better in summer. I will try again summer 09.

Traveling Air Mare to foetidus' beach we arrive on the moon Titan circling around the gaseous giant Saturn. Mare smells ethereal, airy and clean and one heck of an oddball aquatic since it's more green, like seaweed, than blue like fresh scents. Cuts to a floral in the heart and fades.

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