Marc Jacobs Woman Classic / Marc Jacobs fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aquatic notes, bergamot, gardenia
  • Heart

    • gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine, violet, white pepper
  • Base

    • blond woods, musk

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I am never without this scent, best light gardenia there is out there, it's just lovely. It stays on all day for me but I wear the perfume. I recommend it no matter what your age is. I've been wearing it for a million years.
4th July 2018
I just got this fragrance in an Ebay lot win & can't stand this one. I smelled Lilacs (or maybe it was Gardenias) but some of the product spilled in the packaging & I will have to trade or give this one away. It was partially used to begin with, but I bought the lot for the other 2 scents.

I own several other Marc Jacobs fragrances (mostly Daisy & some of the flankers) but they are wearable on me & I enjoy them a lot. I truly cannot stand this one though.
9th January 2018

This is a very impressive floral.

I get jasmine and gardenia and maybe some lily. The floral stands strong, and I don't get much else, maybe some powdery supporting Amber after it settles, but it stays floral for hours.
1st September 2016
The name says it all because MARC JACOBS is a great&confident name. this is one of the most beautiful fragrance and truly smells of nature. when you smell it you close your eyes and feel the breeze on your skin.floral, gorgeous,creamy,natural,soft, elaborate, refreshing,feminine and full of class.

This feminine scent is an Invigorating blend of Bergamot while the fresh gardenia and dewy jasmine coupled with a sensuous subtle undertones of cedar and ginger.this perfect blend is calm and thrill simultaneously and reminds me spring morning dew.

This stylish EDP is highly recommend for a elegant has a perfect balance between young&old lady. suitable for daytime in spring,it is also light enough for office wear.anyway If you have always liked a chic fragrance of the gardenia notes,but found it too heavy this one is definitely for you because It has balanced.truly lovely.
9th June 2015
Figs are heavy on the topnotes. This strongly dominant note continues through the life of the fragrance. The middle notes and the basenotes have a bit of wood. This is a nice sense, easy, simple, pleasant. I don't get a ton of complexity here, but it is an enjoyable wear. Going with a thumps up rating, but in truth it is between thumbs up and neutral for the to total experience. A big thumbs up for something light, pleasant and safe.
22nd December 2013
This is a genuine gardenia, but I swear on me I get a scent of figs!! However, this is a very feminine scent and has a certain amount of glamor to it. I bought a bottle, enjoyed it greatly, then moved on to something else and never looked back.
8th September 2012
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