Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Cucumber, Bamboo, Lotus leaf
  • Heart

    • Lily of the valley, Freesia, Linden blossom
  • Base

    • Musk, White woods

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Latest Reviews of Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber

Inconsistent and inoffensive cologne. It smells like if you've dressed up your cucumber salad with a cheap and light floral perfume instead of olive oil and you poured the salad bowl over your head.
23rd April 2011
Very pretty fresh in the first hour but fades into a nasty liquid soap scent and disappears in two hours.
20th December 2009

Not too complex, but an easy-going floral scent. Light and mellow.
3rd October 2009
Some days all you want to feel is light, free and natural. this scent is perfect for all three of those feelings. the cucumber is fresh, crisp and green. the lotus balances out the green by adding a little feminine floral. the bottle is so big that you can literally apply this all over and not worry. perfect for after the shower or working out.
30th September 2009
Notes:Top: Watery cucumber accord, lotus leaf, cactus flowerMiddle: Linden blossom, blue tiger lilies and Dutch freesiaBase: Frosted musk and blonde woodsCucumber is a limited-edition fragrance from the Marc Jacobs 'Splash' series...ethereal/edc-like, pleasant fragrances which eschew avant grande over-the-top 'trying to0 hard to please' perfume design, and come in massive bottles for your splash-on pleasure. Quite a bit like the recent Marc Jacobs heavily stream-lined and conservative military garbs. Cucumber starts with a pleasant herbal/aquatic cucumber note melded with a (highly diluted) pink lotus note which creates an ethereal earthy floral watery accord. The heart notes introduce a watery floral lily and a cotton wool-like linden before drying down to a musk base 3-4 hours later. Cucumber had the potential to be a chemical mess, what with the cucumber, linden and note featuring prominently in its pyramid. But due to its light concentration, use of decent materials and a blend which coherently links cucumber-lotus & lily by recognizing their shared watery-aquatic profile, Cucumber actually becomes a very viable hot summer splash candidate. I still prefer Bond no. 9 Wall Streets more complex composition (+ its still my go-to for a top shelf cucumber note) but Marc Jacobs Cucumber is certainly a good option for those not willing to splash out $200 a bottle for a little energizing green. Rating: 7.75/10.0
23rd August 2009