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Marbert (1988)


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Marbert Homme by Marbert

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Marbert Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 1988 by Marbert

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Reviews of Marbert Homme by Marbert

There are 2 reviews of Marbert Homme by Marbert.

If you like One Man Show , then you will like this ... Its similiar but different enough to own both & if you like numbers in your rotation or a slightly different but just as impressive aura as OMS then hunt this one down .... A big thumbs up from me .. cheers

Picked this up at a ridiculously low cost and was pleased... Aromatic and powerful, but less of an old men's scent than Marbert Man, this one being darker, leaning towards a more Oriental and Gothic side, with several notes so strong and oily almost on the verge of being unbearable. However, applied sparingly ( cause even two drops of it can almost outlast a day and be felt from a long distance), the smell surprises with musky sweetness and rich, deep woody notes. Long and almost difficult dry-down, but bearing unexpected delights after a firstly almost painful encounter with harsh, heavy and stuffy notes.

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