Mankind fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, tarragon, ginger, pineapple
  • Heart

    • cedarwood, vetiver, cinnamon
  • Base

    • sandalwood, oakmoss, tonka bean, skin musk

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Latest Reviews of Mankind

Actually, I do like Mankind a lot, even though it reminds me of some of the Lomani fragrances (Lomani, Lomani Best, El Paso). I wish they had made it in an eau de parfum concentration because I would wish it lasted a little longer without having to respray three or four hours later. It is available in a 6.7-ounce size, so I'll purchase that and just increase the number of sprays. If I go crazy and apply 12-15 sprays, it seems to last to my liking. For the price, Mankind makes a great go-to everyday fragrance that you can apply to your heart's desire. I like Mankind, but I think I prefer Mankind Legacy. I haven't tried Mankind Hero, Mankind Ultimate, or Mankind Unlimited, but will leave reviews on those if and when I get a chance to try them. Otherwise, Mankind is a great go-to everyday fragrance.
16th October 2021
This cologne had me scratching my head all along. I see a nod towards European scents like Faconnable, Fahrenheit 32, Chrome Pure, Givenchy's Pi Neo, or Dolce & Gabanna's The One, especially with the orange-gingery quality that seems to hit me.

“Mankind” is a multi-layered, multi-faceted scent that is different from most fragrances being displayed at stores today: Sweet, lavender, spicy and slightly soapy formulation that attempts to come from several angles at once…perhaps representing the many faces of humanity itself(?).

Ultimately, I didn't connect with this one, but I give props to Kenneth Cole for producing a distinct experience worth checking out with “Mankind.”
2nd May 2017

Mankind will never be as good as the discontinued now uber expensive Coty Avatar, but for what this is, is a nice fragrance. It's sort of a spin off on Fierce, with softer edges, and a tonka sweetened dry down.
24th January 2017
Very impressed with this fragrance. Heard some positive reviews and bought it with a gift set for £22.00, and that was for 100ml. Smells lovely and is masculine. I like the Cinnamon and Pineapple the most. The wind down is the Oakmoss, this lingers and if you spray on your clothes will stay forever. Longevity is very impressive, i put it on at 3pm and still smelled it at midnight, so your looking at between 9 to 10 hours. Worth getting if you want to get away from the usual fragrances.
31st December 2015
Very safe fragrance. Nice take on cinnamon, vetiver and tonka bean which mellows things down. Will gather compliments. 8/10
24th October 2015
To my nose this does start out in the initial blast along the same lines as my bottle of Mont Blanc Legend Intense, and initially I thought "oh great, this a redundant bottle to own":p(can't compare it to Fierce or original Legend like others have mentioned since I haven't tried them)

But in the drydown, is where the saving grace came in and it switched up and kind of went down the path of a less spicy YSL L'Homme. And since I really enjoy both of those scents, I was very happy with this scent and it's mild, but noticeable progression!

I haven't done a full wearing yet, but two sprays to the back of my hand seemed to be at least average longevity for me....but projection certainly didn't seem like anything to write home about after the 1st hour or so.

Still though, this is a highly versatile fragrance that will fit a multitude of occasions with a pleasing aroma that won't choke out a room.:) And I think one that will get quite a bit of use in my rotation.
4th September 2015
Mankind is a really nice scent with a wholly modern feel. I consider it the perfect summer night or date fragrance. It features a dark pineapple note that's given some sexy depth with the addition of tonka bean, cinnamon, and cardamom. This is anchored by a woody base of vetiver, though the vetiver really doesn't stand out too much. Mankind has an immediate mall/mass market appeal to it, and this may turn some people off, however when it settles in it really takes on its own character and unique charm. Its upbeat, yet sensual. Appropriate for cold weather, yet perfect for warm summer nights. And it's smooth--a nice construction with no off notes or anything out of place. However, the longevity could be better. In my experience, it's short-lived, lasting about 4 or 5 hours before dying out. It really only projects for about two hours. I would love to see an Eau de Parfum version of Mankind, or "Mankind Intense," as this is such an appealing fragrance. Versatile, interesting, and hitting all the right notes, it just needs a little more oomph to push it over the edge from very good to excellent. Still, I'll enjoy my bottle immensely, and will probaby get another when I run out. Compared to some other designer fragrances that feature pineapple, such as Tous in Heaven, Black L'Excess, and Legend, I find Mankind the most refined and sophisticated. It's more interesting, yet remains more subtle. It doesn't over do it, and it does not shy away either.

Very good.
11th October 2014