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There are 1 reviews of Manipur by Neil Morris Fragrances.

The opening of this one is distinctly aldehydic, with an impression of an ambery oriental base, overlaid with something green & woody. For a moment l think it's patchouli, & then it hits me: celery! There must be some vetiver here, as it often smells like celery to me. l'm not a fan of this note, & so initially l'm put off, but fifteen minutes in there's a lovely smokiness, & after thirty minutes l begin to get whiffs of creamy tropical flowers, perhaps tiare? Four hours in, it's dried down to a gorgeously sweet, woody, tropical floral, & l'm hooked. After seventeen hours it's still going softly, with a touch of incense smoke & possibly champaca in the base.

Manipur reminds me quite strongly of House of Matriarch's Toukka Ta Tao: another fragrance with a dark/green/woody opening that dries down into tropical flowers. l found that one equally perplexing but ultimately it grew on me, & l can see myself feeling the same about this one after a couple more wearings. It's also reminiscent of Black Orchid & Suntanglam, both of which I own & love. lt's definitely my favourite so far of this latest round of sampling. Thumbs up!
Dec 18, 2020

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