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Giorgio Armani (1999)


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A shortlived fragrance. It was packaged in black packaging, and was often thought of to be a men's fragrance. This version was discontinued and relaunched in 2004, with a new scent and a much more feminine bottle.

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Reviews of Mania (original) by Giorgio Armani

There are 13 reviews of Mania (original) by Giorgio Armani.

It was my signature fragrance for years. Loved it soooo much. Different with its incense notes, fresh (citrus) and warm (spices). I miss it real bad. Few drops and the sleek bottle are still in my drawer, kept as a treasure of a long gone friend.
Sep 4, 2012

For me, Mania is one of the most daring and obscure Giorgio Armani fragrances launched so far, one which is obscure but as velvet as silk at the same time. The beginning of the 2000 decade brought some risky oriental fragrances, and this is one of them. In structure it`s similar with Donna Karan Black Cashmere possessing an aura of smoky incense, dark flowers and sensual spices. But the difference relies that Mania goes on a silkier territories by a soft powdery vanilla an a creamy musk. It`s not an everyone fragrance, it`s unique, love or hate, one that could be easily in its armani prive collection today. It has a dark sophisticated aura, if you like it back up until you can still find it.
Jan 19, 2012

was the best fragrance ever! i miss it dearly, bring it back g.a.!!!! i am so happy when i find a bottle around but that hasn't happened for 2 years!! :...(
Jul 21, 2010

This fragrance was my wife's favourites, hands down. Her olfactory senses are really not that highly developed but she is definite about her likes and dislikes and definitely did not like the new version, Come to think of it,my wife is quite like the fragrance itself. Not too complex, but very definite about it's direction. I guess it's like my old expression, "there's a lot of elegance in simplicity",I can't believe most women couldn't gert past the packaging. When I can find this scent, I pick up 2 at a time.Until I can find her a suitable replacement, this what I will continue doing.
Nov 13, 2009

This one seems pretty enough, but has NO sillage and NO lasting power on me. I wish I had takemyhusbandplz's experience of incense, spice, and woods, but I didn't. The citrusy top notes were the strongest. It wears like soft, watered down rose and vanilla on me. I couldn't discern much else because it was so weak.
Mar 10, 2009

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