Reviews of Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

Like freshly squeezed orange& mandarin juice in the garden of instant mood is neither particularly sophisticated nor powerful, but it is exceedingly pleasant.clean, bright,unisex,simple but it seems a bit too expensive for it's simplicity.easy to wear fragrance for the hot weather,while in winter it can bring memories of a hot,joyful summer.

The mandarin/bergamot note that opens blends so well with the fresh herbs so that neither is too sharp or overpowering at any given is the ginger that grounds the mandarin orange and keeping it from becoming too cloying and provides a subtly spicy,green,and earthy quality. on my skin the ginger doesn't stay strong for long.on clothes,the ginger notes stays much longer.after a couple of hours,it turns into something very soothing and subtle.the citrus is present the whole time during the dry down with the smooth woody notes.
16th December 2021
An extended eau de cologne (as is the case with most from Atelier Cologne), here it is mandarin with a bit of other citrus notes, paired with a very noticeable ginger note. I loved the ginger note in this composition, bringing to mind Dior Homme Sport 2008 (though ginger is even more prominent here). This phase is naturally short lived (about one or two hours), and the dry-down is just a mish-mash of woody notes with a bit of musk, generic and not memorable at all. Adequate sillage and duration, considering the style of composition.

8th July 2021

Really harsh, from start to finish. Smells similar to Lemon Pledge, which itself is made with real lemons, so there you go. Glaciers had enough force to carve out the Great Lakes and the fjords of Norway, and Mandarine Glaciale has enough brute force to induce an immediate headache in my brain. Do your olfactory bulb a favor and try Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien instead; of if you must from this brand, Pompelmo Paradise.
14th October 2020
I like this one, though not as much as some of Atelier's other citrus scents. There's a surprising earthiness to it––it's more savory than sweet. Refreshing.
9th July 2020
A very masculine citrus smell. A blue scent that should be bright orange. It's not melting well. It feels like smelling three different fragrances together. A fresh citrus, a soft amber, and a crisp, stereotypical aqua male fragrance. Some could like it. Even many, if everyone finds a category they like in this. Performances are good
2nd May 2020
[b]Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Colognes[/b]
[b]Category[/b]: 3 Bright Citrus / White Floral
[b]Rating[/b]: 2/5
[b]Longevity[/b]: 4/5

Eating 3-day-old tangerines in a kitchen where someone has left the freezer open and someone else is heating up some curry in the microwave. Strange.
19th January 2020
Lemon and mandarin in the forefront, with liberal doses of mandarins, and petitgrain starting a bit later - refreshing and bright - just imagine the sunny sky and the picture is complete.

The adds floral components, mainly a bright jasmine as well as a ginger note that is quite restrained and me; the citrus is retreating mostly with the mandarin lasting the longest on me. The heart notes are much less refreshing and more shadowy and somber.

The base turn into a woodsy mossy/messy affair, with no real oakmoss present; the note I am getting is more a slightly spicy dark nutmeg-like impression. This is mixed with white musksnand a somewhat basic vetiver.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A summery sunny citrus-centred scent that has a few overly generic constituents to excite, but fits the bill of a summer cologne well and performs satisfactorily. 3.25/5.
29th August 2019
Crisp, cool citrus salad full of Mandarin, lemon, and bergamot. It's an eye-opener. Juicy fruit concoction. Ginger & petitgrain wander in. Becomes spicy. I don't smell jasmine at all. I get lots of fresh vetiver, which I adore here. Mandarin continues to shine for quite some time. Some amber, later on. A mainly aggressive citrus scent, in my opinion.
27th October 2018
Slightly unripe orange with a little bit of bitterness. Definitely get the ginger. The drydown is sweet and woody but feels cold. Not minty but like it's cooling the air.

Average projection but good longevity.
4th February 2018
With the AC sample pack - Slightly worried that the Atelier citrus frags may all be Demeter like 'photos' of a fruit with no performance or development my fears are allayed.
A gorgeous natural mandarin is counter balanced by spice (I'd say a good dose of cardamon - not listed in notes, and ginger - listed) and a fragile backbone of possibly peppery cedar. Given the name somehow I expected a menthol minty counterpoint but there was none. Performance seemed superior to the Pomello and there is more of a structure with contrasting elements. The citrus has literally been fleshed out more. Drydown is clean and inoffensive.

Surprisingly this would do well in all seasons: summer, obviously due to the sweet citrus, but the spice-mandarin combination reminded me of christmas. The sweetness doesn't quite cross into marmalade territory - but I could almost imagine smelling spiced mincemeat mince pies with added mandarine zest (British reference). Overall a very solid citrus based fragrance and I think easy for a man. The citrus-spice combination recalls the Ellena classics (Declaration, TDH) and their derivatives (Narcisco Rodriguez blue noir, Dunhill Icon). I could happily wear this often, but it could become a little boring and lacks the USP / wow factor to make it a signature scent. 70/100
16th October 2017
Slightly spicy (ginger) mandarine that is nicely blended with a citrus note that will leave you sniffing yourself through its entirety (6 hours). Would purchase a bottle of this gem. 7.5/10
26th September 2017
A nice orange fragrance with a hint of a ginger spice that is very nice. Doesn't have amazing longevity, but it's not too bad for a cologne. I wouldn't mind having some of this as I love the freshness. It has a different presence than my beloved neroli frags and adds one of the better orange notes I've tried so far.
6th September 2017
Mandarine Glaciale is bright and sunny at opening with an orange gummy sweetness you associate with mandarin. Mandarins are flatter on the ends, easier to peel than oranges, and include tangerines and tangelos and while they are sweeter than oranges they lack the depth and juicy tartness. Immediately after the juicy orange mandarin note is a slightly indolic, rotting orange peel aroma from jasmine indole which is a contrasting note characteristic also used with great success in Atelier Orange Sanguine. Orange Sanguine is juicier, brighter and a sunnier orange while Mandarine Glaciale has a briefer "mandarin" sweet spot and less indole by a slight bit as it is almost unnoticeable. The base of Mandarine Glaciale is a slow quietening of orange radiance by dry petitgrain bitter orange, vetiver and oak moss and a friction free finish on a white amber (ambroxan) cloud. I like the imperfection in Mandarine Glaciale which keeps it realistic and gives some natural depth to the mandarin aroma although it is not quite as juicy or complete as the older brother Atelier Orange Sanguine. Mandarine Glaciale gets a 7 out of 10 star rating.
15th July 2017
Orange zest . . . and hairspray! I really like most of Atelier Cologne's photorealistic fruity scents, because they smell fresh and zingy and their citrus notes last longer than almost anything else out there. I think Orange Sanguine in particular is a brilliant snapshot of cold orange juice, pulp and juice and all. In Mandarine Glaciale, a strong note that suggests pure orange zest, complete with its bitterness and pungency intact, gets a bit lost underneath a wall of aldehydes that just won't quit. To my nose, the aldehydes exactly replicate some of the cheaper hairspray formulas I used to coat the inside of my bathroom walls back in the 1980s. So, the overall effect comes off a bit sticky and smothered, at least to me. But I suspect that personal experience may prejudice me in this case, so I won't engage in any further dissing of such a well-intentioned, unpretentious scent. Smell for yourself and decide--AC is nothing if not generous with their samples.
25th April 2017
Atelier Cologne Mandarine Glacialce is the second orange-named fragrance in the line, and it's certainly zestier than Orange Sanguine, but the ginger is a bit cloying to me. Otherwise, it's quite pleasant, as a mix of orange-dominant citrus and a little amber and vetiver in the dry down. It's an okay fragrance that could be a great fragrance if the ginger were scaled down a bit.

Decent projection and longevity, it's consistent with many of the other fragrances in this line, and it's also consistent on price, at $125 for 100ml both from the house and Sephora, the only retail source that seems to sell it at this time.

6 out of 10
5th June 2016
A deliciously juicy scent, like peeling the skin off a fresh orange. Are you sure there aren't aldehydes in this? It remains bright throughout, and lingers surprisingly well for such a citrus-heavy creation. As the citric top gives way to the woody base it makes the orange smell somehow candied. Certainly the orange counterpart to Eau de Rochas's lemon. This juice may be 'icy' but it has Summer written all over it.
31st January 2016
Rochas Eau de Rochas for men.

Sea-salty and sweet, dry citrus.

A bit deeper and not as dry as the Rochas offering.
8th December 2015
Lovely, gingery-spicy orange peel and juice at the opening. A very natural orange. But it gets a little too watery for me. The aquatic note isn't overwhelming, as in some scents. It's actually quite balanced. But I tend to dislike that note, so this isn't a winner for me.
7th October 2015
Mandarine Glaciale is a nice scent that is wonderfully balanced to my nose with the citrus and spices. Not a super unique game changer, but certainly a very well composed and multifaceted citrus spicy that is above your average entry in this genre. Maybe I didn't put enough of the sample on, but longevity seemed pretty low. Will have to do a full wearing.
28th July 2015
Oh, this is indeed gorgeous. I am amazed at how much variances you can get out of citruses. Here the zesty citrus opening is tempered by quality bergamot, with herbal hints of petitgrain underlining the mouthwatering tartness of the scent. Soft floral nuances hum in the background to add a little more dimension before transitioning smoothly to a lightly rooty-musky vetiver drydown. Not much oakmoss as far as my nose can tell.

Final verdict? I love it! Classic Mediterranean in feel, staying within the same zip code as Armani Eau pour Homme but clearly crafted with more contemporary materials.
13th May 2015
I actually like this more than Orange Sanguine. I wish I could trade it in. It's orange, but not nearly as bright and fruity, with no powder dry down. The scents are very similar to me otherwise. A tamer more watery version of OS, which I like. It's not going to blow you away, but it's pleasant and safe and enjoyable.
3rd March 2015