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Majalis by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Majalis is a women's perfume launched in 2013 by Les Parfums de Rosine

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Reviews of Majalis by Les Parfums de Rosine

There are 3 reviews of Majalis by Les Parfums de Rosine.

I do enjoy Rosine offerings as I love all things rose, but they are, by and large, such delicate darlings that I rarely go for a full bottle. With Rosine, one often has to settle for moderate longevity and projection, and that's a street I don't particularly enjoy going down.
With Majalis we are promised a new style oriental – what that translates as in this case is a fresh floral with some light spice accents. Such trivial matters of categorization aside, Majalis offers a wind-tossed rose with a bit of a citronella-synthetic clang around the edges – familiar from other Taif-styled perfumes. Not having smelled Taif oils, I can't say whether this is how the stuff actually smells and my barbarian nose doesn't know how to appreciate it properly (I had the same problem with Perris's Rose de Taif) – or whether this is the usual attempt at evoking this pricy material with perhaps more modest means. The somewhat more pushy presence of the tea rose can also be detected.
A welcome surprise – Majalis is actually quite strong but in a dewy, shower-splash kind of way. Another surprise – its throw in a room is tinged with green foliage, something I don't get on my skin. The spicing is of the light and fresh variety, with a prominent role given to coriander which is handy in bridging floral notes with woody basenotes. An easy-going rose composition that I'd wear if it were to hand, but again, alas, wouldn't buy.

Les Parfums de Rosine Majalis is an extremely beautiful take on freshly spicy, ambery and talky aromatic rose. The combination of red pepper, fresh coriander, probably saffron, aldehydes (I suppose) and sweet spices (set over a woodsy-ambery base) produces a sort of talc/incense simil (medicinal) accord really evocative and "childish" (I detect something organic in the air indeed, like ideally the "baby powder/moisturizing foams"aroma combined with the dry clean skin of the baby). There is a sort of Histoires de Parfums Rosam-like (and partially Petroleum-like) dusty/animalic and powdery rosey vibe that I detect in the air. Cinnamon, nutmeg (and probably saffron and cloves) are misty, poudre-like and finally velvety like a soft embrace of smooth suede and musk enveloping a fragile solitary pink rose. Coriander seed is a "central" presence throughout providing (combined with dry spices, musk and warm amber) a dry-fresh floral powdery feel. Cloves, coriander and cinnamon (connected in their ambery accord) elicit a vaguely medicinal undertone (never disturbing, on the contrary pleasantly enclosed in the spicy amalgam and well linked with the slightly soapy-cosmetical vibe provided by rose absolute). Probably a touch of tonka provides a slightly exotic twist. The dry down is warmly ambery, powdery and musky with a slightly pharmaceutical talky floral undertone (vaguely a la Huitieme Art Myrrhiad and several Bond N. 9). Enjoyable accord.

Majalis by Parfums de Rosine opens with a green, fresh rose note wrapped in a spicy blend, overall a bit artificial, quite pungent and medicinal; at the very beginning it's in fact all about cinnamon, eugenol (cloves) and a poor sheer rose note hiding somewhere in this vibrant circus of spices, surrounded by a dusty and metallic feel. More than Far East, it reminds me of a (nicely scented) floor cleaner. Then, after a bit less than one hour, it finally starts to get better: sweeter, softer, gentler, more credible, a colourful rose breeze blossoms blending with cinnamon and red pepper, always with a synthetic aftertaste, but far more pleasant than the opening. The rose note is finally triumphant on the rest, and I must admit it's quite nice: dense, fresh, mellow and sweet. Great persistence – almost an entire day. There's better rose scents around and the opening is really not that promising, but if you are willing to wait for it to get warmer and better, Majalis may make you happy.


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