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Bath and Body Works (2014)

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Reviews of Mahogany Woods by Bath and Body Works

There are 11 reviews of Mahogany Woods by Bath and Body Works.

This is so near to being very good. The wood, sage, and cognac are promising, but there is just too much sweetness inside the scent. The sugary subtext overpowers the woodiness. It's a shame, because it's good. But it is oh so close to being wonderful.
Feb 12, 2021

This is a bit of a mystery scent wise but oh so good. It is a woody scent in the opening with a heavy mahogany which is rare but with it's vanilla dry down it turns nearly gourmand-ish. This so unique for a scent. I hear a number of Pure Havane comparisons but it is not at all smokey or have a tobacco note to it. Instead, it is clean. Not in a soapy way because it is rather boozy, and not in a overly way like say 212 VIP (not that I hate the smell of that fragrance) so it is more of a work-friendly booze.

Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite houses and this fragrance more than lives up to the hype it has earned for me. The smell lasts about 10-12 hours with becoming a skin scent at the 3-4 hour mark. Sillage is pretty good too. It is an all day scent for fall and winter.

Overall Mahogany Woods is a scent I am glad that Simply Put Scents turned me onto. I have to give this scent a 8.8 out of 10. While I love that it turns nearly into a gourmand, it is a little too vanilla heavy for my liking.
Oct 11, 2016

Bath and Body Works Mahogany Woods is one of the better deals out there, especially for fans of boozy, sweet fragrances, at $29.50 for 100ml. It's very sweet, very much a candied sweetness with whiskey and woods, mich sweeter than, say, By Kilian Single Malt or Thierry Mugler Pure Malt, or even Pure Havane. So this would only appeal to those that can stomach the sweetness. I can't speak to the notes very specifically, but I imagine vanilla supplies some of the sweetness, given how sweet it is. I like the boozines to whiskey, and the woodiness to maple.

Longevity and projection and both strong for an EDC, as it projects for a couple hours and then remains a skin scent for 6-8 hours; far closer to my expectation of a good EDT, not a EDC.

While it's not specifically masculine, I imagine it would still work best for men, though I'm sure some women would enjoy it. It surely demands a try by men who enjoy sweet, boozy fragrances, though.

7 of out 10
Feb 16, 2016

Great performance from this one, so go easy on the sprays. The drydown reminds me of CK Shock. Might be confusing the bourbon vanilla in Mahogany Woods with the chocolate in CK Shock.
Dec 21, 2015

This is delicious. 2-3 Sprays last 8 hours on me. Best longevity from an edc out of any i have ever used. Soft scent yet projects good. Its a softer, nuttier Spicebomb. Best $20 spent ever.
Nov 2, 2015

This is decent smelling for a cheapie. It's actually quite a lot better than many - far more expensive - options. However, I found it to be a bit on the feminine side.

From reading the notes it sounds quite masculine, but the scent is very unisex leading towards feminine. My girlfriend recognized it as bath and body works immediately and told me I smelled like a 14 year old girl. I still liked it though.

If you like warm, vanilla scents, you'll probably like this as well.
Aug 24, 2015

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