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Magus by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

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There are 5 reviews of Magus by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume.

Magus is a warm, oud-centric fragrance that evokes fresh ground coffee and unsweetened cocoa powder, though with considerably more swirling about. With effort, I can winnow out some of the shards and pieces—a whiff of spice here, a waft of incense there, a flower growing in the dirt—but the individual facets are elusive, and their individuality immaterial to the effect of the whole. Ultimately: it works. Easily FB-worthy.

Magus goes on with a brief dash of saffron spice infused jasmine before quickly transitioning to is heart. As the composition enters its early heart, a relatively strong dose of a gauze-like smooth real oud and jasmine infused near-syrupy rose tandem dominates before the rose gradually lightens and becomes more airy as time passes. During the late dry-down, the oud vacates completely, leaving the remnants of the now light rose to pair with slightly powdery vanilla and relatively dry sandalwood through the lengthy finish. Projection is good and longevity excellent at well over 12 hours on skin.

Magus on first glance comes off as a "me too" kind of rose and oud classically structured perfume made from high quality naturals. If that was it, this write-up would still be positive, but kind of indifferent. Luckily there really is more to the composition than I thought, and as time passed it morphed from the smooth rose/oud focus to more of a woody/floral, with the rose almost shape-shifting from a more dense, deep rose early to more light and airy late as the oud vacated, now replaced with sandalwood and vanilla. When the whole journey is concluded, Magus really never brings anything new to the table, but what it *does* bring, perfumer Reinthal executes quite well. The bottom line is the $230 per 30ml bottle Magus combines top quality naturals with excellent perfumer skill to yield an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 rated outing and a recommendation to rose/oud lovers that want real oud but can't tolerate some of its more animalic and/or fecal facets in other compositions. In particular, Magus should appeal to lovers of compositions like Thirty-Three by Ex Idolo.

Exceptional. One of Teone's unsung compositions. The blending in this receives high marks as it just envelopes you in all it's complexities. The cloves are a standout yes but there is so much more weaving in and out that you really appreciate the total package. For me the longevity is about five to six hours which again is exceptional for the naturals used. Price is very competitive in todays marketplace.

I might be with ya here Proust, and the cloves are a standout for me too!

This might secretly be the most interesting floral Oud on the market. Don't tell anyone, ok?

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