Magnolia Blossom fragrance notes

  • Head

    • peach blossom, spring dew, fresh pear
  • Heart

    • magnolia petals, jasmin sambac, honeysuckle, rose centifolia
  • Base

    • sheer musk, white sandalwood, soft amber

Latest Reviews of Magnolia Blossom

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Let me be clear, it's a simple, linear fragrance. But sometimes simple is best. To add something, anything to this simple scent is to add a daisy to a beautiful bouquet of rich, red roses. It just does not fit.

Magnolia and nothing but magnolia. It's glorious! It starts out mildly sweet and full of magnolia and ends mild and still full of magnolia. It is among B&BW's finest fragrances.

Why they discontinued Magnolia Blossom will forever baffle me. Then again, they seem to have a habit of keeping their safest--and sometimes most uninspired--scents for all posterity and do away with their most interesting scents.
27th June 2012
Magnolia Blossom is my fragrance that I think smells higher end than it really is : )  Unfortunately it isn't in production anymore.  I went in to Bath & Body Works a few weeks ago, for the first time in over a year because I really wanted my Magnolia Blossom hand cream again, only to find that it is unavailable on their website, as well!  I have always liked sandalwood and amber, and honeysuckle too. I wonder if it is the magnolia in this that is so heady? Well then, I like that a lot, too. It is to me elegant, warm, and complex, easy to wear in the most casual of situations when I still want to smell pretty.
3rd January 2009