Magnetism for Men 
Escada (2004)


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Magnetism for Men by Escada

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The first men's Escada scent since 2002's Sentiment for Men. One of the notes is Schinus, which supposedly is an aphrodisiac.

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Reviews of Magnetism for Men by Escada

There are 91 reviews of Magnetism for Men by Escada.

Unlike most reviewers who rave about this one, I didn't wear it back when it was readily available, so I have no nostalgic attachment and emotional bias towards it.

This is an unusual blend of mostly dark berries and a little bit of fountain pen ink. It has a very warm woody base that's slightly powdery. A mature fragrance for sure, but not my type.

Magnetism For Men is unique in its own bizarre way. If you fell in love with it before it got discontinued, there isn't much out there that's similar. John Varvatos OG comes to mind, only because of the dark fruits up top, but Magnetism isn't as sweet.

Projection is moderate at best, but longevity is good.

Masculinity Level: Travolta in Get Shorty.

Magnetism for Men - Escada
Nice impression of cool mint somewhere inside a structure that is filled with hick-ups and dissonants. It smells like 'sweat smelled backwards' but im not exactly sure what I mean by that, just like this scent is full of confusion.

Among a bunch of high quality discontinued perfumes in my collection it is one of my favorites .
One of the best unique and on its own way .Not resemble any other fragrances.

Saffron!! Can't go wrong with that as a note in a scent! Quite a nice watery, tangy, sexy scent by Escada.

Was skeptical at first, smelling it off of a testing strip in a store versus wearing it directly; the latter is far more informative and accurate for me, as the testing strip doesn't do it justice versus beholding it on my skin. And I sometimes get the impression of this one smelling a bit like Coca Cola (in a good way!!), a quality that made Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein such a favorite of mine.

It is a scent for 20-30 somethings, IMO. Discontinued but worth a sample.

Weird scent that basically gave me a headache every time I wore it. A jumble of spice, musk maybe some hint of tobacco and sandalwood... nothing spectacular in my opinion. Escada has better scents than this and for the current discontinued online price I would not bother. Try before you buy.

I get the grape from the opening but it quickly settled down into a Versace Dreamer like much so that I'm questioning the sample I received.

Update. My sample is good and this does in fact resemble grape soda in the opening but then dries down to the smooth and soft Dreamer scent, minus any tobacco.

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