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Latest Reviews of Magic : Dirty Trick

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Charmed by the super sweet, delicious open followed by a very dirty dry down. Like walking through a NYC bakery into the back alley. To do what ... remains to be seen.
29th January 2021
After trying this a few times, I don't think I really like it. It's got violets and iris on top, a nice, tried-and-true combination, but tries to change things up in the drydown, introducing a combination of pink pepper, vetiver, and suede that smells weirdly dirty (as Chunnel says, "dirty towel") and also like an awkward combination of uncomplimentary perfumes (like if you combined Burberry Brit, Encre Noire, and a cheap Cuir de Russie in the worst possible way).

I appreciate Dirty Trick for trying to do something new and different to the violet/suede/iris combo, which has been done a LOT, but I just don't think this works.
25th May 2019

A really daring member of the "Magic" collection by Viktor & Rolf.

Dirty Trick is a woody-oriental fragrance, with a comforting presence of suede and powdery iris atop the animalic inky note which predominates here. I feel a strong resemblance to the dark forest vibe of Lalique's Encre Noir, with the earthy vetiver's dampness. Cedar is appreciated here, adding a nice, logical wood starchiness that soldifies everything together from the base.

V&R has created quite a masculine creation here (don't know if most women would click with it). I feel comforted and relaxed wearing this tricky potion.

2nd December 2018
Dirty towel.
24th September 2017