Magic : Dancing Roses 
Viktor & Rolf (2017)

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Reviews of Magic : Dancing Roses by Viktor & Rolf

Opens with cherry Kool-aid, then grows up and drinks kirsch. Roses bloom after a few minutes, blowsy hybrid teas with a pinch of spice. Projects long and loud, and lasts a day on the skin and forever on silk.
Cleaner and younger than Tom Ford's Lost Cherry, and rather nice--I bet it's glorious in the winter.
Aug 28, 2019

Dancing Roses marks my first try of the Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection. I’m not familiar with the collection and I’ve not tried any other entries in it but saw this being decanted in a sales group and it seemed appealing, so I decided to buy a decant.

Its mix of rose and cherry liqueur is provocative and bright, sweet and slightly boozy. It opens loudly and remains pretty loud, without much evolution into something subtler. It’s generally a good balance between having both some bite and reasonable wearability. Other supporting notes include pink pepper, bergamot, lychee, saffron, tonka, musk, and amber, though for me, it’s almost entirely about the rose and cherry liqueur.

For me, it feels a little more cold-weather-appropriate, given its strength, decent density, and slight bite. Something airier would feel better in the warm weather, but I wouldn’t be inclined to wear Dancing Roses in the heat.

It’s not Priced at $145 for 75ml, it’s rather reasonable at under $2 per ml, along the lines of Imaginary Authors at $95 for 50ml, usually my standard-bearer for reasonably-priced great niche offerings. It’s not immediately on my list of one that I love enough to go out and buy, but I quite like it and it’s a promisingly different rose offering from what I’ve seen more of recently. It just feels a little incomplete, lacking something to round out the tartness of the cherry, perhaps. Tom Ford Lost Cherry has balsam, almond, and tonka to create a rounded effect and it just seems that Dancing Roses needs something more. Still, I’d recommend checking it out if you get a chance, as it’s quite neat.

7 out of 10
May 9, 2019

Apparently, this is one of the better selling outings in the niche "Magic Collection" by Viktor & Rolf.

Dancing Roses, though marked as unisex, is very much a ladies' scent. The nose behind this scent, Sonia Constant, really used her imagination to create what ends up as an intense, boozy (from the brandy) rose-cherry perfume. I can detect true rose as well as support from clarified lychee and saffron that compositely boost the rose's prominence. Though the notes aren't listed, I also sense an ambery, musky finish as well. I find parallels here to Tom Ford's amazing Lost Cherry EdP, which also has rose, cherry, and liquor contained within.

Truly, Dancing Roses is a happy, pleasant perfume that evokes feelings of pleasure and joy! I am not surprised that it happens to be one of V&R's best selling of the Magic Collection.

Dec 2, 2018

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