Mage d'Orient fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pineapple, lime, lychee, coconut, bergamot
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, lavender, geranium, jasmine
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, coconut, tonka bean, amber, vanilla

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The fusion of the opening notes conjures up quite a wall of fresh, fruity sweetness, and it's an interesting trade off between the tart citric elements and the fruit exotica. There is a very clean lime note that survives well into the drydown, and it ensures that Mage D'Orient does not become too sentimental. Overall, it's a fragrance that doesn't quite win me over, but I can see its appeal
28th January 2013
I searched for some frags with my fave notes; coconut, pineapple, jasmine and vanilla, and Mage D'Orient was on the list. I bought it on a blind buy and When I received it the other day I was so excited to spray it on, wow am I pleased I bought this. Pretty packaging, with a nice aluminium bottle. The frag starts off with citrus, the lime. It then smells sweet. I get the pineapple, and sweet fruits. It then goes floral, a masculine floral. Simply beautiful. After a few hours on my skin, it gives a beautiful and soft, florally vanilla, sweet coconut smell. I could not stop smelling my wrist. I seriously love this frag. It reminds me of a tropical garden. A great unisex smell. My friend, a fragrance fanatic, never heard of it, but he loved it too.

4th November 2012