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Maduro by Fort and Manlé

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Maduro is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Fort and Manlé

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Reviews of Maduro by Fort and Manlé

There are 5 reviews of Maduro by Fort and Manlé.

Kudos to Melourne Man for articulating that opening - I get red apple slices dipped in melted milk chocolate - childhood camping treats!
Somehow, the pineapple doesn't come through directly as pineapple - the sweetness and the juiciness come through, but as the rose comes in, there's the illusion of strawberries dipped in rosewater-laced chocolate.
The fruity opening drifts into the heart on a waft of basil. The beeswax, rose and tobacco heart is well-blended and avoids being as sweet as either TV or Back to Black, for instance. The beeswax buddies up with benzoin for the transition into an interesting drydown showcasing the interplay of two distinct but harmonious halves - like partners in a dance, there's a clear delineation of masculine and feminine elements, represented by a medicinal benzoin/cedar pairing and a sweeter combination of patchouli/vanilla respectively. The partners each swirl though a soapy vetiver, adding a bright edge to a somewhat mysterious fragrance. All the way through, drifting in and out is a slight fecal note - and it's very slight indeed; it's not at all off-putting, rather it adds depth and interest.

It's a contrary and interesting scent, totally unisex, with the masculine and feminine aspects interacting with each other, rather than being blended. It's one of a handful of frags I've tried where I've felt the transitions through the wearing are very consciously managed and deserving of attention.

Sillage and projection are moderate, with good longevity.

Someone who sells (niche) perfume for a living, when telling me about Fort and Manlé, went ‘Oh Maduro…!' with significant fainting-with-pleasure roll of eyes. But trying it for myself, I fail to locate the hotspot this seems to trigger for many people. After opening with a pineapple note that is no better than those commonly used in mass market fragrances it soon settles into a murky sweet tobacco with undertones of a chamomile-based cosmetic product. There are fleeting impressions of juicy red apple and something halfway between honey and wine, but they're soon lost to its rather felt-like tobacco base.

While I had my reservations, I decided to pick up a few samples directly from the Fort&Manly website. I am a lover of tobacco scents and I was pleased with the scent but not impressed to the point of spending a few hundred dollars on a small bottle. You see the overall framework of this fragrance reminds me of Joop Homme. The sweet opening of Maduro is pleasant with pineapple and apple almost coming across as mildly floral. The tobacco note is present but only in the background. The differences of these two scents can be projection. Joop Homme is very sweet overall while Maduro sits closer to the skin. The tobacco in Maduro being the main accord that differentiates itself. So how is Maduro similar to Joop you may ask? Both fragrances share similarities in the note breakdown. Both scents have Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla, Amber and Cinnamon (although cinnamon leaf is the accord in Maduro). Also, I would make the case that Maduro has beeswax as one of the notes where Joop has honeysuckle. Joop has the notes of Bergamot and Jasmine and orange blossom, while Maduro has Pineapple, Basil and Apple. Not to go on a rant but I wanted to make my case of the similarities and the lack of orginality. The other glaring point is the difference in price point of these two fragrances. I would suggest the purchasing of this scent to only those with deep pockets. My rating 6.5/10

Fort & Manle Maduro is best characterized as a sweet, fruity, woody tobacco fragrance but this is surely a bit of an oversimplification, as it has a long note list, from which much can be taken away.

Tobaccos is certainly a dominant accord here but not so dominant that it's not part of a far more interesting medley, comprised of, mainly, to my nose: apple, cinnamon, benzoin, vetiver, and cedar.

This note arrangement is very harmonious. I'm able to enjoy almost boozy, creamy aspects of the benzoin and amber without being disturbed by vanilla, and I'm able to detect apple and cinnamon without those interfering with the tobacco, and grounding the fragrance is the cedar/vetiver combination, soft and sober as cedar is, but with ever so slightly the earthy edge that vetiver provides.

I don't detect the patchouli, which is fine, as too much of that might ruin what I enjoy about Maduro---namely, the abovementioned balance. I don't detect any basil, either.

It's mainly a cold-weather leaning fragrance, particular the autumn, for which apple and cinnamon conjure this season, at least in my part of the world.

However, the fragrance is comforting enough that it could really be used year-round.

Performance is very good, not as robust as Amber Absolutely but still quite solid---a modest projector but seemingly long-lasting.

The standard pricing of 230 AUD / 178 USD for 50ml isn't cheap, but this is a great creation I'd like to add to my collection, along with Amber Absolutely. Really superb stuff.

7 out of 10

To think of Maduro as just another sweet tobacco fragrance would be doing it injustice.
This opens with the juiciest of red apple notes, and somehow along with sweet pineapple and cinnamon, manages to give the illusion of a chocolate accord.
All this might sound to sweet to some, but it is perfectly pitched to then develop into a fluid rosey beeswax. For my nose, it is very similar to the beeswax you can find in Antaeus. As it does in many compositions, the rose accompanies us to the final transition where vetiver and patchouli add a tinge of green to this fresh, damp tobacco.
It isn't the Pure Havane sweet tobacco and not Havana spicy tobacco. This is new and this is quite a beautiful, complex scent eith plenty of depth.

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