Madison Square Park fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grape hyacinth, huckleberry, prairie dropseed grass
  • Heart

    • red leaf rose, red hunter tulip
  • Base

    • teakwood, vetiver

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A pretty basic fruity floral that smells to me like juicy sour apple on top, joined by a red berry cassis note, with a pinch of violet underneath. Given time, it just sort of unravels more than progresses, which is a bit of a disappointment. Bond is usually good at better-than-average fruity florals (for what that's worth), but Madison Square Park spends hours as thin, salty, fake apple before the ionone violets finally dry down to suede, but even then, it's kind of weak and nowhere near achieving the promising apple/leather juxtaposition that I was hoping for.

Sorry, but I think I'm going with a thumbs down, even though the initial apple note on first spray was well done...
28th May 2022
Not for me. Peach, and watermelon. It's not listed, but I smell a watery, melon note, maybe muskmelon, or watermelon. Boring and linear. Stretching it maybe unisex, but there are floral notes here that make it more feminine.
16th November 2016

I tried this one thinking it was marketed as unisex, and am surprised it's labeled as a feminine scent. It's certainly more "unisex" than several Bonds that purport to be. I think it's not bad, but not for me. Perfumy berries and peaches (and maybe even grapefruit thrown in) are not what I prefer to smell like, even if they don't get excessively cloying.
3rd August 2012
Bond no 9 MADISON SQUARE PARK is thankfully a lot better than MADISON SOIREE, which I find unwearable (to my nose MADISON SOIREE is a somewhat rank soap scent–could be a skin chemistry issue, then again maybe not...). In fact, MADISON SQUARE PARK is a completely different genre: a kind of crispy and sparkly citrusy-fruity-floral perfect for the spring weather which had finally made its way out to these parts at the time when it was launched.

The opening of this Bond offering smells to me a bit like a cross between HIGH LINE and Guerlain AQUA ALLEGORIA PAMPLELUNE. Although grapefruit is not listed among the official notes, I really do smell a dominant quasi-grapefruit zest note in the opening. This gives way shortly thereafter to a hyacinth and tart rhubarb-like composition. All in all, a generally refreshing and optimistic scent. Not sure that I'd want a full bottle of this one, but I'd definitely wear it in the springtime, if I happened to have some lying around. For now, I'll work my way through my purse spray and then see whether MADISON SQUARE PARK has become an acquired need...
1st September 2011
I like so much Madison Square Park cause in its body coexist either virile and sensually feminine traits. Androgynous. It's undeniable that for the main part of the development the stressed floral patterns push the button over the feminine side (the wake anyway keeps constantly its feminine sophisticated temperament) but the gorgeous dry down is rooty and visceral/animal in a way that (as soon as the opening floral burst diminishes in intensity) its acid woodsy temperament could be associated with the aroma of sweaty warm skin of man with its proper level of acidity. As well as the floral whiff is still on the edge the fragrance evolution still reminds anyway the sweet undertone of the women's milder sweat while, fading in intensity the floral power, a sort of more properly virile vibe starts emerging. This is, together with New York Oud, one of the most interesting fragrance of a brand which I don't particularly crave for. This fragrance performs the luxurious aroma eliciting by a bunch of floral patterns as rose, tulip and hyacinth as rooted on a bed of grass, vetiver and musky resin of teakwood which, blended together, develop a sort of ambery dense organic vaguely acid type of scent. The key element is anyway the huckleberry which provides acidity, darkness and a sort of human sweat odour that unfolds a sensual and captivating final subtleness. A thumbs up.
28th May 2011
I don't know what I was expecting from Madison Square Park, but I must admit that I'd thought it'd be a lot softer and more floral.

First things first, this fragrance hates my skin chemistry, it turns this fragrance into a sour berries and off-juice nightmare that gives me a crazy headache. Thankfully on paper it smells a hell of a lot better.

The opening is rich blueberries, not unlike John Galliano's new fragrance Parlez-Moi d'Amour. It kind of smells a little bit like an Escada release as well, especially with all those berry top notes and fizzy peach.

As the fragrance settles, a sweet and freshly mowed lawn scent comes to the fore, with a hint of roses and tulips, like you'd expect to smell in a bouquet from your lover. Unfortunately I don't get this beautiful blend on my skin.

I noted that it was quite a strong fragrance with a heck of a lot of fruits and flowers. It's a little too much for my poor little nose, although I do seem to enjoy the fresh rose note drizzled with berry syrup. I do believe that if this was applied with a light hand, it could be so much more appealing.

While I don't dislike it, I'm not a fan either. It just doesn't suit my tastes, and has presented itself as not agreeing with my chemistry, which usually suits most fragrances. I think I prefer Bond No.9's darker, more masculine offerings, like West Side for example. Please do test this fragrance before you buy.

1st May 2011
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