Mademoiselle Piguet fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot
  • Heart

    • orange flower, almond, apricot
  • Base

    • tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of Mademoiselle Piguet

Like finding the perfect little white dress - one that hugs your body in all the right places like a comfortable second skin.i really like this combination of white florals,almond and citrus with the sweetness of the tonka bean.nothing heady or indolic here just a pretty sweet floral that works well in hot weather.i can imagine a spring bride wearing this on her wedding day- enchanting and memorable.

It opens with a bright bergamot that has an lime-y zest.which slowly fuses in with the orange blossom and jasmine that is blended into a soft, fuzzy cloud like's not a completely airy scent as the florals have some weight to them, although,it does have a rather fluffy texture.the white floral scents are wrapped up by soft powdery vibes,with none of the typical heady "powder-like" is soft and inoffensive,suitable in the office or for an intimate special event like a baby shower or a luncheon.i get decent longevity from this one 4-6 hours.projection is moderate for the first 1 or 2 hours than after that it's a skin scent.
12th October 2021
Piguet's specialty seems to be combining fruits and florals in a way that turns out better than your average fruity floral. Mademoiselle fits that mold, but not quite as successfully as some of their other offerings. To me, it basically smells like orange blossom with a mix of citrus and peach on top, with a hint of the house's signature tuberose humming underneath, while a hint of anise or fennel gives a sour, boozy green undertone. Combined, the loudness of the flowers, the sourness of the greens, and the pedestrian cheapness of the fruits come together to create something that's fine in passing, but doesn't really stand up to close inspection. It's harmless and pleasant, but I don't think it's particularly noteworthy or good.
1st January 2021

Sharp bergamot. Dainty almond - almost bitter. Apricot in syrup. Lipstick accord. Sweet orange blossom. Note combo reminds me of geranium in a way. Bitterness returns with an underlying note of Tonka bean. A greenness seems to trick my nose from time to time. The Tonka makes this nuttier after a time. I could love this. I'd have to be in a proper mood.
5th November 2018
This is a very pretty & fresh orange blossom fragrance, opening with a whoosh of aldehydes. A vanillic sweetness weaves in & out through the duration, but never overwhelms the floral notes. Around thirty minutes in there's a hint of the metallic note that l sometimes get from neroli, but fortunately it doesn't stick around for long. A fairly linear progression with low to moderate projection, it's still going softly after twelve hours.
lnnocent & naive in feel, this would make a nice, easy to wear spring/summer fragrance, for those times when nothing but simple prettiness will do.
1st April 2015