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Madeleine by Masque

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Part of the 'Le Donne di Masque' collection.  Founder Alessandro Brun says:

Angelina means a lot to me. First of all, it was the name of my mother. And from my mother I inherited the passion for travels and for nice afternoon teas in fancy patisserie. So it was almost natural – when I started traveling frequently to Paris – to feel a strong attraction for this place in Rue de Rivoli. Every single business trip in the Ville Lumiere could not end without a stop at our favourite delicatessen place. And most of the times I ended up eating a chestnut dessert that my mother would cook for me when I was a kid, the Mont Blanc!

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Reviews of Madeleine by Masque

There are 3 reviews of Madeleine by Masque.

My scent memories of Angelina in Paris on the Rue de Rivoli doesn't even match Masque Milano's interpretation here. Perhaps it's due to the time period I visited (early 2000's), but I expected the smells of their Chocolat chaud à l'ancienne, millefeuille's with their light vanilla cream, or perhaps their breakfast menu with croissants or caramalized brioche pain perdu.

Instead Angelina is a mish-mash of heavy chestnut and vanilla notes with some florals thrown in. No where are the hot chocolate or tea scents that should be front and center. Angelina went from dud to passible after the first two hours when the chestnut notes faded and floral-vanilla dominated.

Sadly a grand disappointment especially considering the price point and the failed promise of a famous tea room recreated.

A chewy toffee vanilla with a magically integrated animalic, salty, sweaty note (for those afraid of such things – it does recede during the wear). Darker shades of coffee, malt and roasted nuts give it depth and a luxurious feel. Ultimately Madeleine is a grown-up gourmand, a bit reminiscent of a good Black Russian (the cocktail) with added chestnuts and creaminess, combining both a purring sensuality with a hint of menace, just to keep one on one's toes. Potentially a thing of wonder, but its main problem is that it sits too close to the skin after the initial fanfare. It's not that it fades – it doesn't; it's still there, rich, thick and complex – just that it doesn't seem inclined to much by way of conversation.

Masque Milano Madeleine is a 2020 release that I just had the pleasure of smelling for the first time last week with Nir Guy at Perfumology, which carries the full Masque line. The name of the perfume conjures the cake of the same name, and I believe is the perfume's inspiration, as almond features significantly in both. The perfume does have a baked goods quality to it along the lines of Hilde Soliani Buonissimo, but instead of smelling like buttery, cocoa-dusted croissants, Madeleine has a prominent nutty quality of almond, chestnut, and coffee in concert with a cookie/cake vibe, without the lemon of the inspiration and without the cocoa of Buonissimo. It's slightly sharp (probably due to the combination of almond and tonka) but in general sweeter and breadier with light spicy touches.

Madeleine is dense, rich, delicious, and a very satisfying nod to gourmand lovers like me, and is different enough from other perfumes I've tried to be worth looking into and (if you're as much as a fan of it as I am) buying a bottle. Overall, I'm quite smitten with this.

Madeleine is sold at Perfumology and other boutiques like Indigo Perfumery and Luckyscent and is priced at $160 for 35ml, on par with most of the line.

8 out of 10

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