Madame Rochas (original) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, Hyacinth, Neroli, Broom, Orange blossom, Galbanum, green notes
  • Heart

    • may rose, Bulgarian Rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, orris, ylang ylang, violet, Narcissus, Tuberose
  • Base

    • sandalwood, Cedarwood, amber, vetiver, musk, tonka bean, benzoin, oakmoss, Coumarin

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Latest Reviews of Madame Rochas (original)

A Vintage sample.
yellowtone sent me a few samples of some great scents.
In particular, Madame Rochas had me drawn back to events in my childhood.

In the 60's as a young boy, my world was full of beautiful women, wearing largely Shalimar, Emeraude, Cabochard and the occasional Chanel.
One day, a girlfriend of my mother, a Redhead wearing bright Red Lipstick and a Green Silk dress walked in. She grabbed me up and planted kisses all over my face. She then pulled my face right in to her full bosom. It was scented with this gorgeous stuff. I melted into her arms.

To quickly, her and my mother were off to some Girl's night out.
Since the age of 4, I've wanted some of more of that.
A small bottle of Vintage is on the way.

Oh yes. When you sniff through all symphony of notes, you may notice the hum of the Rose Sandalwood marriage.
That very thing that had me, quickly adopt the chic Rive Gauche as a Signature, alongside my young beautiful girlfriend in the 70's.
11th June 2018
This one is a strange fragrance, in a good way. At first too strong and loud, but an hour later it becomes absolutely soft and feminine, so pretty. Simple and classic.
28th November 2015

unfortunately discontinued.
floral aldehyd.excellent, well balanced and orchestrated perfume.
sophisticated,feminine and very french.nice bottle.
22nd February 2011
This was my first "grown up" scent in the 60's and remains a favorite. Classic floral, crisply elegant and smoothly blended it has always been a perfect daytime scent for me. I'm a sucker for Bulgarian rose & jasmine; the iris does not take front stage on me, and the sandalwood and cedar give it a comforting base note. Though reformulated I'm told, the current version smells no different to me than the original. Inspired by Chanel No 5 with many of the same notes - they are nothing alike, on me. MR has a cleaner feel to it; very white gloves and tailored suit, but with softly ruffled blouse beneath.
17th November 2007
I fell in love & treasure this perfume.
19th January 2007
Madame Rochas is the archetypal French floral: overtly feminine, lush, complex, beautiful, and refined. It is similar in style to Arpege, but more powdery and less woody in the drydown. My husband says "soap" (probably the powder, and his less-sophisticated nose), but to me this is a classic romantic fragrance.
6th December 2005