M2 Black March 
CB I Hate Perfume (2006)

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M2 Black March by CB I Hate Perfume

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M2 Black March is a shared scent launched in 2006 by CB I Hate Perfume

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Reviews of M2 Black March by CB I Hate Perfume

There are 28 reviews of M2 Black March by CB I Hate Perfume.

Would that I liked the fragrance as much as I do the Stevie Smith poem that inspired it. The descriptive note pyramid is apt, and the scent is pleasant: a watery (not “aquatic”), outdoorsy thing. It just feels less than profound. Take away the concept and the poetry, and the fragrance itself seems slight. Too many rain drops, not enough tree sap and mossy earth. I respect the intent, but I don’t find it satisfying enough to buy.

That said, if you're looking for "perfume as art," it's at least worth obtaining a sample.

I wholeheartedly agree with thebzknz's review below. Certainly the sent of snow melting into the wet ground as the winter world beings its annual thaw. I just wish these scents came in some kind of concentration that split the difference between pure oil and water perfume. A more traditional EDP would do wonders for many of CB's releases.

I found this scent to be very well matched to its description. It is a dense deep wet scent that brings thoughts of melting snow seeping into the dirt and the feeling that spring will start tomorrow for sure.
I find this very wearable for daily use despite its specific scent. My only complaint is that like all CB scents I find it fades in about an hour to a lackluster but not bad green floral scent.

In the vial, the smell conjures a vivid image of dark, soaking-wet soil along with jonquil or narcissus. On skin, it's less vivid, but still incredibly evocative to someone like me who loves gardening, especially during those early spring days after being cooped up all winter. One hour in it warms slightly, & the floral notes become more prominent, but otherwise this is a linear fragrance, & that earthy accord remains all the way through. The projection is low, & the texture of this "water perfume" is oddly oily, but it lasts well.
Comparing this with Demeter's Dirt, I'd say this one is similar, but wetter in feel. Whereas in Dirt the soil is enjoying the first drops of rain after a long dry spell, here the soil has been deeply soaked over the course of a cold, wet winter, & is only just beginning to warm with the spring. Both are brilliant, & recommended if you crave that earthy, outdoor smell we gardeners love.

Poetic,exiting and goth.This is early spring bottled. Super hyper realistic.

Sort of the culmination of CB's geosmin obsession, this one's not really wearable as a lasting perfume but it's a showstopper as a snapshot of a specific moment. Torrential rain, wet soil and moss, giving way to new spring growth and green florals. Technically brilliant, but much more of a museum piece than a perfume.

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