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Reviews of M de Morabito by Pascal Morabito

There are 4 reviews of M de Morabito by Pascal Morabito.

Me de Morabito (1989) is actually not a perfume by Pascal Morabito, although you might as well say it's all in the family because the house of Morabito had by then co-opted the squared font-type for their logo that prodigal son Pascal Morabito used for his spin-off design house back in the 70's. It's impossible to mention this perfume without mentioning Pascal Morabito or his legendary masculine fragrance Pascal Morabito Or Black (1982), so I might as well get it out of the way. Pascal was a trained architect by trade, having shunned the family business in exchange for an education and career in that field. He later returned to the fold and adapted his engineering skills to make really industrial-looking jewelry that was all the rage in the 70's, when styles like Brutalism were popular in architecture. The success of Pascal's house probably brought some attention back to the original house of Morabito as well, which had been around since 1905 and specialized in leather goods and jewelry. Pascal's own trade ended up being jewelry too, so likely the switch in logo types, the angular "M", and decision to launch perfumes in 1987 coincided with the main house likely wanting to cash in on the association with their architect-turned-designer relations. However things actually came to be, M de Morabito was anything but a modern masculine fragrance by 1989, full of floral and musky animalic tones, it was clinging to a style that had only been out really less than a decade but was already quickly becoming outmoded. A shame really, as this might have been pure fire had it come out in 1979 rather than 1989.

The basic design of M de Morabito is as a citric floral animalic chypre, similar in tone to things like Moustache by Rochas (1949) and Monsieur Lanvin (1964), but incorporating some 80's powerhouse vibes like those from Yves Saint Laurent Kouros (1981) or Boss by Hugo Boss (1985). Problem with that is, by 1989 those fragrances were looking like how hair metal must have seemed compared to the emergent waves of Seattle grunge and alt rock, obsolete in an instant. The reality was M de Morabito was really only a few years behind contemporaries like Bogart and Lapidus had put onto shelves, but those few years made all the difference when suddenly your competitors were Davidoff Cool Water (1988) and Calvin Klein Eternity for Men (1989). The opening has bergamot, some musty spiced orange, and coriander with some marigold. I get a touch of galbanum but not a lot here, and then geranium moves with narcisus and sage in the heart, with perhaps a speck of rose for that dandy touch. Civet musk comes out pretty strong in this one, but like with Moustache or Kouros, eventually mulls into a bit of soapiness that keeps it from being flagrantly lewd. Oakmoss, labdanum, amber, and what smells like a thin veneer of sandalwood accompany vetiver and the usual chypre suspects in the finish. Properly dandy, and properly strong, a little of M de Morabito will go a long way, with wear time at eight hours of loud then moderate sillage. Best use for me would be fall or spring when outside.

M de Morabito is one of those "been there smelled that" kind of 80's animalic things that you'd either be tired of, or completely obsessed over, after smelling a half dozen others from the period. If you're in the former category and have anything I've already mentioned, you're probably good without this. However, if you're in the latter category and do nothing but worship discontinued fragrances like Bogart Furyo (1988) or Lord Molyneaux (1988), you're probably going to feel a duty to own and incessantly brag in the biggest histrionic away about this too. Back when "men smelled like men and that equaled a cat box mixed with carnations" is sort of the mentality of the person who's going to love this the most, and I say this in jest because I love me some animalic 80's powerhouse fragrances too, I just also realize how bizarre it is to just about bible-thump over them like there's nothing better. Prices can be all over the place for this little guy as well, since it's been off the market a while and some really optimistic scalper types want way too much for their bottles while a few others are a bit more realistic about the demand (or lack of it) for something both this obscure by brand and this challenging by smell. If you love a good pissy floral and want to rock it like a Duran Duran video, go ahead and score you some, but for those curious about civet in this context still have some friendlier options out there for the time being, at least until they're gone too. A neat collector's gem either way... the irony. Thumbs up
Jun 20, 2021

This is not my review, it's a description that I lifted from an internet seller, I find it very much on point so I'm posting it. Thanks to the anonymous author.

"M de Morabito is an animalic woody amber scent with herbal overtones. Freesia further enables the herbal path with peony and jasmin lending just enough sweet and spicy to be noticed. The rumbling of civet is underneath all of this action and will not be denied. After 5 minutes, the civet comes to the fore and sits aloft the mild spice, florals and herbal tones. This is old school for sure, but very good indeed. One need only one big spray of M de Morabito and then enjoy the ride.
Topnotes : Blackcurrant, Marigold, MandarinHeart : Jasmin, Peony, Hyacinth, Tea, Rose, Narcissus, FreesiaBase : Amber, Civet, Peach, Musk, Sandalwood"

True powerhouse, easy does it.
Jan 4, 2018

Heroic, masculine fragrance. Dark green, penetrating spices, super sillage. may contain oud wood -- has a Mideastern vibe.
Jun 11, 2010

The note pyramid for this is:

Top : Blackcurrant, Marigold, Mandarin

Heart : Jasmin, Peony, Hyacinth, Tea, Rose, Narcissus, Freesia

Base : Sandalwood, Peach, Musk, Civet, Amber

Some seek a damp, earthy "masculine" floral, whereas this is a dry, dusty masculine floral. The civet note is clear, though not super-strong, so if you don't like it, you might want to avoid this fragrance. One comparison is the original Boss Cologne (now known as Boss Number One), but that one is not as dry. If you like the idea, you might prefer the aftershave formulation, which is the only one I've sampled and is very strong.

My review of May, 2010: This might be best named The Air of the Moroccan Desert (if it hadn't already been used), but this is the desert air, not the air of a street market in Marrakesh. I've got the aftershave form, which is plenty strong. It is dusty and dry. I could not find a note pyramid, so I'm guessing there is orange blossom and jasmine in here, along with sandalwood, patchouli, and some sort of sweet note, such as honey. It's lighter and more "transparent" (perhaps due to the formulation) than other fragrances that are similar, such as vintage Chaps. There is a mild "dirty" note here, perhaps due to the orange blossom or jasmine. It might come across as dry leather to some, but I'm not sure if there is an actual leather note present. There is no strong spice, if any, and perhaps just a slight herbal element. The base reminds me of a dried-out cream. Those not used to this kind of fragrance might call it musty or decrepit, but there is just enough "brightness" here to keep it from being too much. Some might think this is base upon an Habit Rouge idea, and I couldn't argue with that notion, though this one is more consistent from opening to base (and I don't get any spice). If you are looking for something different and evocative, while still being wearable (assuming you don't just wear fresh/aquatic fragrances), you might want to sample this one.
May 30, 2010

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