Lys 41 
Le Labo (2013)

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Reviews of Lys 41 by Le Labo

There are 10 reviews of Lys 41 by Le Labo.

I was having a lily craving this spring so I ordered a couple of lily scents to compare. This one takes the cake, as far as recreating the experience of having a vase full of lilies in the house.

It does a great job emulating the sweet, heady, almost tactile scent of lilies that can completely take over a space. It does not achieve photo realistic likeness; but uses other flowers as well as a spiced, sweetened vanilla to create that luscious, thick, full bodied scent that typifies lilies. Smelled side by side with the real thing, the opening of Malle's Lys Mediterranée comes closer, but in overall feel, Lys 41 is my favourite.

Sep 14, 2020

You're drinking a Vanilla Coke in a blooming garden of white flowers in the middle of the woods. Lys 41 by Le Labo.
Feb 25, 2018

smells so natural with florals blended beautifully.tuberose make its presence known with a light musk, then all is wrapped in the arms of soft vanilla..
Feb 16, 2018

This is beautifully made and more complex than I had given credit at first sniff.

This is all about lush, warm white florals. Each one gets the opportunity to have olfactory dominance at different times and I'm in awe of how perfumers do that! Lys 41 opens with large lily, then tuberose bleeds forward and after that I get a creamy warm and woody jasmine. This jasmine is lovely and tropical, not of the "cat urine" variety.

Sillage is moderate to soft on dry skin and longevity moderate (7+ hours).

Overall, it's a beautiful anytime fragrance. Sincere and elegant. She's the girl next door that you very slowly realize that you've fallen in love with.
Dec 5, 2016

I like Lys 41 for the reason that some reviewers don't like it - It's got a simplicity to it. It's not really simple at all, with all sorts of well balanced florals coming up for air. From one sniff to the next, sometimes I smell the lily, while other times I notice the tuberose or the orange blossom or the jasmine. It's soapy and the lily has some grit to it, while indoles make sure Lys 41 doesn't become saccharine.

That being said, I can see how people could want to smell this as the centerpiece of an aldehydic chypre, as opposed to just sitting here like a loud bouquet. But I enjoy it for what it is. Not everything can be Joy or No. 5 - there's plenty of room for a perfume like Lys 41, which is closer in spirit to big 80's florals like Giorgio Beverly Hills or Estee Lauder.
Jul 14, 2015

You know what this smells like? Sleep. And I mean that both because it’s a terrifically boring scent, but also because it is so yawn-inducing it becomes fascinatingly soporific (that cozy, intimate, and obviously terribly pleasant feeling you have just before falling asleep). So in the end, not a completely negative kind of boring. Almost a creative take on it. Anyway, Lys 41 is basically a really simple, graceful and quite plain white floral scent with a woody-amber base and sweet-dusty nuances, with also something that reminded me of suede, but I guess it must be the musky note. Don’t think of anything too powdery or sweet, it’s rather a delicate haiku played on creamy-woody notes, as much pleasant as a bit dull and plastic. The evolution if basically non-existent, but the persistence is good and the projection is unexpectedly quite sharp. On one side, you can smell here the peculiar way of Le Labo of playing around common accords and notes with a sort of “modern” and kind of suspended, ethereal, aseptic treatment: but also, I think they sort of “crossed the line” a bit with this, meaning that the mild, “lunar lab” discreetness becomes just more plain dullness here. Or well, just this close to it. A synthetic candy worthy a try, but nothing more in my opinion. I completely agree with deadidol’s take on this!

Jan 24, 2015

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