Lyn Harris : Le Sauvage 
Marks and Spencer (2012)

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Reviews of Lyn Harris : Le Sauvage by Marks and Spencer

There are 3 reviews of Lyn Harris : Le Sauvage by Marks and Spencer.

Interesting masculine frag, but ultimately flawed. Starts off with playful grapefruit, cardamom and coriander before squaring off against the sombre vetiver and tobacco in the base. The opening notes are great - but it quickly turns into a big mess in the drydown - not totally unpleasant but a big sort of generic 'perfumey' smell which is a little cloying and smells cheap. Shame, as it is very low price and lasts most of the day.
Jun 2, 2014

A traditional, conservative masculine citrus fragrance, characterised by a predominant grapefruit note and an adventurous dose of coriander which adds interest and depth. Nothing earth-shattering but quite nice and eminently wearable. It lasts surprisingly well; 6 hours in I realised I could barely smell it. A good stocking-filler for a male relative over 30. I give it a 3.5 in Huddler money and the benefit of the doubt thumb-wise.
Apr 8, 2014

Toned down citrusy freshness, masculine and generic. Inoffensive, fairly long lasting, good value for money. It is what it is – as mainstream and safe as one can imagine. Enough said.
Dec 21, 2012

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