Lyn Harris : Le Noir 
Marks and Spencer (2012)

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Reviews of Lyn Harris : Le Noir by Marks and Spencer

There are 3 reviews of Lyn Harris : Le Noir by Marks and Spencer.

Le Noir is citrus herby with a peppery tang and patchouli in the base. It's got a lovely 'oily' lavender which never gets sweet.. It's very pleasant, and keeps me sniffing because the herbiness reminds me a bit of Fleurs de Sel, although Le Noir is much less complex (and also at full price would have been way way less than half the price). It's probably more suited to cooler weather but I enjoyed it on a showery day today. It's a little fleeting but can be sprayed with abandon (or maybe not, as it's been discontinued!)
Jul 28, 2017

A sweetish patchouli/amber scent with good longevity and projection. There's a pleasing and unusual cola-type note which, along with a hint of incense, reminds me of Idole de Lubin (Le Noir is heavier and denser though, thanks mainly to the patchouli). Apparently aimed at men, I'd say this one is unisex. Not bad but a tad too sweet for me.

Thumb on the horizontal, with occasional hesitant twitches skywards. A safe option for the works 'secret santa'.

Le Sauvage is the best of the three 'masculines' to me, although I suspect the easygoing Le Noir is the most popular.
Apr 9, 2014

After a bit of an expedition, I managed to get to a Marks and Spencer store that stocks this range. I tried all three male fragrances. I think this one is the best of the three, at least on projection and longevity.
It starts well, with a strong, warm, rich, spicy and heady mix. It was suggestive of a rose somehow. But then the patchouli takes over, quite fast and stays dominant for the rest of the time. Dries down to a pleasant patchouli-amber base. I feel that this can be quite comfortably unisex, as there is a bit of rounded sweetness at the beginning and the amber towards the end.
I went to the shop determined to buy at least one of the range. I might have to try it again, as I wasn’t convinced that there is any distinction or surprise here. While I am trying very hard not to be snobbish here (this is a product for a bland high street shop), I can’t help feeling that something is missing.
Dec 21, 2012

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