Luscious Pink fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian bergamot, ocean breeze accord, bellini accord
  • Heart

    • tahitian tiare, lily of the valley, pink peony
  • Base

    • blond woods, sandalwood, white musk

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A very unusual scent, pleasant and elegant. I cannot define it, it confuses me, cannot detect any of the ingredients mentioned in the description.
I definately don't agrre with the other reviewers that caracterise it common and plain. It is very unique and exceptional in every way. There is not a scent out there that is similar to" luscious pink" and believe me i have tried hundreds of perfumes ....
Smells like bubblegum,musc and powder.A very descrete perfume, there is a freshness into it.Smells a bit like linen fabric.
If it had been introduced by a famous perfume company and had been advertised properly it would have been a best seller.
Maybe all the bad reviews are due to the fact that is a mariah's perfume( an obnoxious person with a great voice though).
The only drawback is that the lasting power is poor.The bottle is elegant and unusual!
15th March 2012
I like this but just like not love. Its one of those perfumes that when you're not sure to wear you will pick up. Its neither here or there, bad or good just neutral which is why I've scored it as neutral. Don't get me wrong, it is pleasant and seems to last a few hours it you spray quite a few sprays. Good for office wear or weekends or days when you can't decide what mood you're in. Definitely not a signature scent, just nice maybe a bit boring. My next purchase will be the original which I think will be more my cup of tea.
15th October 2011

Luscious Pink confuses me greatly. One second it will be fruity and sour, the next second it will be soapy and clean.

It's hard to dislike this fragrance, however because it is so safe and unoriginal, it doesn't appeal to me in the least.

Luscious Pink is gentle and soft, which for some people is admirable, yet in my opinion this fragrance needs that extra boost, that little something that gives life to this seemingly dull scent.

I much prefered Mariah's previous fragrance M, which surprised me with its unique and daring combination of notes. I have no idea why her company decided to follow-up with this fragrance which simply bores me to tears.

I can't actually pin-point any particular notes in this fragrance, however I wouldn't refer to this scent as being a jumbled mess. Luscious Pink has a somewhat lotion type smell, and on that observation I would say that Live Platinum by Jennifer Lopez is slightly similar.

I very much doubt that anyone would ever say a rude comment about anyone wearing this fragrance, however I don't see how it would gather any compliments. Even more disappointing than the scent itself, the lasting power isn't all that great either.

4th June 2011
Mariah Carey has now officially branded her name onto one of the pink cattle whos' herd is stampeding the current feminine fragrance market. Does anybody own a tranquilizer gun?
11th June 2009
I own both fragrances by Mariah Carey. This one is definitely lighter and better suited for the office or during warmer (and humid) temps. It starts out nice and fresh, with a hit of citrus - probably the bergamot and bellini - and eventually dries down to a soft floral.
5th May 2009
Let me first say that I tend to ignore celebrity fragrances and that I'm not a fan of Mariah Carey's musical style. But I smelled it in a magazine foldout ad and found it pleasant, so I asked for it for an early Christmas gift. I got it as part of a set with 2 mini bottles of the Mariah Carey M and a mini bottle of this one. The Mariah M scent was okay for me, but nothing special and a bit heavy. But I like Luscious Pink. It does make me think of the color pink, and not just because of the pretty bottle. It is a light and cool floral. It vaguely reminds me of Halo by Victoria's Secret, which has been discontinued. For me, it's sweet and flower and good enough to use this mini bottle up, but it's not distinctive enough to have as a signature scent. But as I said, I really love the bottle design.
22nd December 2008
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