Lucky You for Women 
Lucky Brand (2000)

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Lucky You for Women by Lucky Brand

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Lucky You for Women is a women's perfume launched in 2000 by Lucky Brand

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Reviews of Lucky You for Women by Lucky Brand

There are 9 reviews of Lucky You for Women by Lucky Brand.

Unique. I definitely smell something sweet, but there's also a note that says "green lucky clover" just like the little clover on the bottle. Yum.

I can't explain it either.
It's not distinguished, but not sweet either -- at least on me (whose best scents are orientals, which this definitely is not).

One of the few I wear that people stop and ask what I'm wearing. So odd.

A young and average style scent. Slightly sweet n' fruity, slightly fresh/clean white floral. Average longevity and sillage.

I don't know why, but I really like this one. I can't pick out any individual notes. Apple, maybe.. a little bit of baby powder (which normally I hate)... a pink smell, I think (although it could be because it's a pink bottle). Like a really nice shampoo. I guess that sounds like it should be a neutral review, but it isn't -- I love the smell, and it works with my chemistry. Just a cheery, pretty, nice smell. Sometimes I think some perfumes are so intent on taking risks that they end up smelling terrible... what's wrong with pretty? It's funny how even though it's a fruity floral I can't point to any other perfume it smells a lot like, and I've smelled a lot of fruity florals. Not long lasting, but it's cheap as heck so who really minds? I like to put it on before bed so I'm in a good mood when I go to sleep.

I love this fragrance, even though it is too young for me. I smelled it on someone else at a mall once and could not believe it when she told me what it was. I immediately went to my local department store (like a WalMart) and purchased a small bottle for $6.50. Unbelieveable how much I like this cheap stuff. It doesn't last long, but that's ok as I normally where it around the house, anyway. Another reviewer nailed it about smelling like a clean, all-American Girl-Next-Door. And, I think it actually smells pretty sexy on me, even though it is so sweet. The drydown is powdery, and maybe soapy? But, for some reason it works well with my chemistry. It's not "interesting" per se, but just smells really good on me.

This is quite soft and powdery, but a bit too sweet for me. It's nice though. Kind of bland and boring. Too plain to rave about really. It was fruity which may explain why it was sweet to me.

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