François Demachy: 

Christian Dior was very superstitious and would stitch a stem of lily of the valley into the seam of his dresses for good luck. I wanted to represent the perfume of this hidden lily of the valley, sewn into metres of silk, with a profusion of white flowers and freshness. The scent of his favourite flower gradually reveals itself. Lucky is a good luck charm and the perfume to wear whenever you want to cross your fingers.

Lucky fragrance notes

    • lily of the valley

Latest Reviews of Lucky

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This smells like cheap, fruity shampoo. If you give it time, some of the dumb fruit dies down, letting an especially artificial-smelling lily note in, dripping with aquatic aromachemicals nd fake cucumber.

Seriously, this is what the cheapest of the cheap perfumes smell like - I'm fairly confident I could find something (shampoo, car freshener, whatever) scented like this at any decently stocked truck stop. Please please please don't spend $500 to smell like this...
27th July 2023
Such a pretty fragrance. Not at all worth the money, whatever the price.

Buy a green floral base—any of them—-and dilute in alcohol. Then you have something as good or better than this.
21st May 2022

Wholesome Lily

Its just right out there in front, lily. Quite nice smelling. Some say aldehydes, its got some lift. I feel like I detect just a small hint of mint flicking around in the background, though it may just be my imagination. As you can assume from the notes it is quite feminine. It is light in color though not super light in stature. It has an uplifting and wholesome nature about it. Wedding scent for a bride. It also doesn't really seem to change much, and was more sticky than I thought it would be. At 9 hours it is readily smellable. I caught wafts often. Expensive, so I'm knocking it down to neutral. I could see someone wanting this.
1st May 2020
Smells good, very uplifting and fresh.
Another that will suit me when I am sat in the comfort of home.... Totally relaxed night in Scent.
Authentic Lily of the Valley.
22nd March 2019