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Love's (1974)

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Love's Baby Soft by Love's

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Love's Baby Soft is a women's perfume launched in 1974 by Love's

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Reviews of Love's Baby Soft by Love's

There are 22 reviews of Love's Baby Soft by Love's.

The quintessential perfume for those in their youth, who new not what, perfume was, or what, it was supposed to be. Everyone wore this, in my high school. It was cheap. It was everywhere. It was "safe". No overt sexuality in its flowers. Nothing screamed, slut! If one can find a vintage bottle, then I suggest you experience it. It was a sign of the times. Innocence in a pink-capped bottle. It was so popular, it was one of the most shop-lifted items, of that era (at least in my 'burg). Nothing about it, IMO, resembled infants or babies. It had an added "oomph". Subtle, come-hither accord, mixed with the berry lip glosses of that era, made for some sexual tension in many a car's backseat...

One cannot review this scent as one would a Guerlain or judge it by those standards. As a simple scent, aimed at teen-aged girls of the 1970s, it is quite pleasant, soft and powdery, as others on this site state, but not cheap smelling, acrid or over the top.

One would have wished a not so twee packaging design, as this is perfectly wearable as an after bath or shower splash for either sex. What it smells above all else is "clean."
Fresh and clean and powdery - what could be wrong.

Barbara Herman talks of its fougere heart. The vanilla, musk, heliotrope and syringa give it that lovely mimosa-like lift, the lavender and lilac ground it. Very nice.

Top notes: Syringa, Lemon, Lavender, Rosewood
Heart notes: Heliotrope, Lilac, Rose, Muguet, Orchid, Carnation
Base notes: Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk

Sweet powder Bought this a couple of years ago on a nostalgic whim, and haven't used it up yet (that's a long time for me). This smells like a sweeter, stronger version of Johnson's Baby Powder. Very fresh, sweeeeet powder. The sweetness has a candy edge that prevents me (I am in my mid 30s) from wearing this in public; it might seem a bit absurd. I like it as a bedtime scent; it's not strong enough to keep me awake, and the powder is calming. There is supposed to be some patchouli in here, but I can't find it. Great cologne if it's your thing, but it's definitely not my favorite! Now that the racy ads are a thing of the past, I would feel okay about giving this to a very young girl. Baby Soft has a (fairly) new Jasmine scent that I like a lot better than this; the jasmine is nice with Baby Soft's trademark powderiness. For reference, I live in the deep south, so the heat and humidity amplify all scents, especially sweet ones. Those in cooler areas might more easily get away with wearing this in public.Pros: Cheap, easy to findCons: Hard to wear after a certain age"

Just like fashion, what goes around, comes around!
So, I was thrilled to see 'Love's Baby Soft' back on the shelf! This is one powdery fresh body spray (no, it's really not a cologne or perfume) that takes me back to my senior year of high school (1974- when it first came out)...Nothing but good things happened when I wore it, or it's 'sister' spray 'Love's Fresh Lemon'!
Now, there is a Love's Baby Soft Shower Wash that is out and that is lovely, but I'm still wanting the Love's Fresh Lemon!! Any idea where to find it?

I still have a small bottle for memories sake. I enjoyed this as a very young child and I find the smell comforting. Sometimes I will wear it around the house or spray it on my pillow before going to bed.

I don't know why, but I love Love's Baby Soft. No, wait a second. I do know why. Because it's delightful! Most of the reviewers here seem embarrassed by their admission of liking this one. Yes, it was marketed to young women (really young) in the 1970's and was wildly popular with the jr. high set. But, unlike other inexpensive "drug store" fragrance concoctions, Love's Baby Soft never smelled cheap. That it's still floating around out there is a testament to its universal appeal: talcum powder, babies, sweetness, innocence, spring flowers and light-heartedness. What's wrong with that? Unfortunately we become brainwashed by marketing (especially with perfume) that a scent is only meant for a certain demographic. I say, Balderdash! I'm wearing it right now, and I'm a grown man! Admittedly an adventurous one. If you took this juice and put it in a sleek bottle and put a designer's name on it, I bet it would be a huge seller. So forget about the '70's...tell people when they ask that you had it "custom blended". Or if they say..."Is that Love's Baby Soft?" say, "You can try hard, or you can try soft...soft will get 'em every time."
Curious about the actual note pyramid...does anyone know?
P.S. For a guy, if you can get past the candy pink packaging and juice color; this is one of the most baber-shop (in a great way) frags on the market. Believe it or not!

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