Loverdose Red Kiss 
Diesel (2015)

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Loverdose Red Kiss by Diesel

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Loverdose Red Kiss is a women's perfume launched in 2015 by Diesel

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Reviews of Loverdose Red Kiss by Diesel

There are 1 reviews of Loverdose Red Kiss by Diesel.

Red symbolizes passion and love. Most vibrant colours for every woman and every mood: from charming to romantic. She wear a classy lipstick offer a glimpse of the sensual texture of her lips several for more dense and sophisticated finish. She wear loverdose red kiss and she feel beautiful like she is in warm, safe arms before a perfect kiss. A long losting but not boring, sweet but not sickening, intense but not overwhelming scent. It's absolutely delicious with vivid sexy character but still comforting in its overall impression. A skin scent but still lovely. Gourmand, sophisticated, sensual, warm, beautifully blended, richly feminine and symbolizes the elegant, multicultural and multifaceted life of today's lady.

The delightfully sweet and sensual aroma of this oriental vanilla scent has a very modern beginning derived from its fruity, luscious notes mixed with sugar. Heart notes centain hazelnut, cacao and apricot but ends with rich yet soft oriental notes of amber, patchouli and something like musk for a pure joy. No matter what age you! The hazelnut is quite subtle and not at all bitter as I do detect it from start to dry down. The scent is the olfactory equivalent of a delicious creamy cocktail. A very nice dating perfume for autumn evenings. Perfect for layering with something a little spicy. If you enjoy philosophy's falling in love, I think you will love this.

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