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Loverdose by Diesel

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Loverdose is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Diesel

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Reviews of Loverdose by Diesel

There are 7 reviews of Loverdose by Diesel.

Too too too sweet. Barely a whiff of the anticipataed anise and licorice and then dull sweet dry down to vauxnilla, and did I mention sweet? Will give it to a young tween niece who will squeal, and whose mother will to speak to me for a week.

One of those frgrance everyone you either love it or hate it.for me LOVERDOSE is a sensual and provocative oriental-vanilla fragrance,inspired by the woman who wears it.It is sexy with a hint of being naughty.a great perfume to describe you.bold,intoxicating,feminine, seductive, heavy,hot and sweet in a dramatic bottle.

It is so warm and sweet like caramel and vanilla but it also has contrasting spicier note and sheer amber that balance the fragrance.making it is not too sickly sweet,but sensual and womanly in a way of temptation and create for a self-assured woman who khows she is the center of attention.I found the dry down much better than the opening.

I recommend it to everybody who likes licorice because it is stand out in this EDP.It is too heavy for summer,but the ultimate in glamour for a seductive woman in colder weather.dont wear it if you have a wear a little black dress and some pearls and 2 spray of LOVERDOSE,you are ready for saturday night!ladies this fragrance will keep the men coming.

Avoid l-overdoseNow I have to admit that the opening of star anise, mandarin, licorice and jasmin is a great idea and should go together well, but its overly synthetic and intensive execution is not convincing. The vanilla and amber are sickly-sweet and cloying on my skin and neither attractive nor in any way sophisticated. In any case, the strong points are silage and projection - they are big - and homeopathic dosing is advisable if one wants to avoid falling foul of the Geneva Convention on chemical warfare. I get a longevity of three hours.

I've never worn this, but sit next to a girl in the office who douses herself in the stuff so feel compelled to review. It's repellent. insect repellent. Previously she doused herself in 212 Sexy. It wasn't, it was 212 sickening, but at least after a while of unconsciously thinking 'what's this sickly fug?' I'd realise 'oh, it's her perfume, nothing to be done' and could blank it out the way you can an irritating noise. When she changed up to Loverdose I thought I was going mad..for weeks I could smell something wrong, something chemical, some underlying pervasive sickly sweet bleach..I'd sniff the air asking if the cleaners were trying to poison us or if they were burning plastic at the local building site. I didn't make the connection to perfume until one day she lent me the Loverdose body cream to use and told me it was her new favourite fume. Instant comprehension. The stuff smells exactly like the doses of thick, horrible, pink flavoured antibiotic we were given as kids. Something nasty disguised as something nice. Medicine masked with synthetic sweetness. The name suggests this might be intentional. The name also suggests the clap.

I just love this! The star anise doesn't over power, either does the licorice. Both of these are used a little too heavily in some fragrance but the balance is perfect here. Lovely warm/amber/vanilla base. Very well done! I assume it's most likely highly synthetic but it has been blended expertly so comes off beautifully. This is a power house so it might be best to test first!

A very nice, almost overpowering sweet scent, with touches of flowers and fruits I can't put my finger on.

The longevity isn't great, it lasts around three hours on my skin, but the smell is better than a night with Seven of Nine.

I don't really understand all the negative reviews, yes it smells very slightly artificial, but it's a sexy, enveloping scent, and in my opinion was a good move by Diesel.

I also own the body lotion (which was free with purchase) which actually helps the scent last longer. I wouldn't wear the scent without a layer of the lotion, because I know it wouldn't last long enough.

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