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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

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Lovely is a women's perfume launched in 2005 by Sarah Jessica Parker

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Reviews of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

There are 86 reviews of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

This was my first celebrity scent and true cheapie that I’ve ever purchased. It has proven to be a lesson to me because despite wanting to be able to write it off as such… I simply can’t. It’s name is very fitting as I find it to be absolutely LOVELY! I’ve worn it a few times to get to know it a bit, and each time I’m surprised that I was able to get a fragrance that I like so much for such a small amount of money. So far, my favorite musk-centric perfumes have been Narciso Rodriguez offerings. And while I don’t think that this smells like any of those, I have to say, that I do enjoy it as much. The notes in this that I am able to pick out are lavender, a slightly sweet and soft powdery musk, and a little bit of patchouli. I don’t pick up on apple martini at all unfortunately… but that would have been fun. The vibe I get is clean, nice girl/woman. I feel like this would be a great perfume for the office, or anytime that you don’t want to wear something too loud. It’s very pretty though and will definitely be reached for when I want to wear a musk perfume.

floral woody musk. Compliments abound with this scent. The cheaper and possibly better version of NR her. Fresh, powdery, musky. Easy to wear. A no brainer to reach for. I think it's more suitable for day time however their is an underlying of spicy warmth which makes it suitable for night as well. Any setting would be appropriate.

Bought this when it first came out and was well over $100AUD, loved it.

A big fan of citrus top and the musky base.

I don't wear as much now, but from time to time I re visit and nostalgia kicks in which is probably some of the reason why I love to wear fragrances because they remind of times, people and places.

I must be completely anosmic to the musk in Lovely, which coincidentally is its main note. I smell a faint lavender and a weak laundry-esque note (probably from one of the synthetic musks I can smell). No citrus. No florals. No earthiness. No woods. No amber. Certainly no 'apple martini' note.

I had my first allergic skin reaction to a perfume recently, B. by Balenciaga in fact, that may be due to a bit of the juice hitting a fresh cut on my arm. I put a small drop of B. on my skin just to spot test it. I have Lovely on both of my wrists. Guess which one I can smell?

I give this a neutral rating just because I may be missing something that just isn't registering to my nose. But really? One drop of B. versus 3 sprays of Lovely on each wrist? I can't be missing THAT much. *shrug*

Ever a cheapie-hound, I tested Lovely in Sports Direct of all places, while buying value pack tennis balls to use as foot rollers. Bet you didn't need that piece of information, did you?

But I digress. Lovely is what I call a "good girl" fragrance. It's clean, uncontroversial (which is not the same thing as generic) and slightly cool in feel; unfortunately for me, a lover of confrontational chypres and outrageous gothic perfume oil concoctions, that leaves it a bit below the threshold of interesting enough to wear. Comparisons to (new) Ivoire are not unwarranted but Ivoire is far more grown-up, to my nose; it has an elegance, edge and restraint about it that Lovely cheerfully abandons in favour of being approachable. It's a bit like an olfactory Meg Ryan movie (and it definitely wouldn't be one that has a sex scene).

My entirely accidental eureka moment with it happened as a result of testing one thing while wearing another: layer it with Jovan Musk Oil. Musk Oil is a completely straightforward synthetic white musk at a very affordable price, and it adds just enough oomph to the lower end of Lovely to make it intriguing, inviting and warm. For me that firmly boots Lovely over the hump into wearable, and for the sake of what I get out of that fragrance experience I strongly suspect Lovely will be making it into my world.

Lovely is the first perfume by the mega-popular star of Sex and the City, whose name has been in the fashion and beauty magazines for 20 years - Sarah Jessica Parker. In collaboration with the house of Coty, Sarah launched her first perfume in 2005 and despite a negative opinion about celebrity perfumes, it was almost instantly at the top of the best quality perfume creations of the 21st century. Lovely inspired many, from well-known perfume reviewer Chandler Burr who dedicated an entire book to Lovely, called „The Perfect Scent: A year inside the Perfume industry“ to other people, like myself, to think about what makes one perfume lovely.

Loveliness. We all know what it is. We've seen it in romantic movies, read about it in tales of well known epic love stories and maybe even noticed it in the way rose petals sway when the wind blows. Do we know, however, anyone who possesses loveliness in their behaviour? Maybe some little girl, not yet corrupted by the world, a woman who never ever believed that being a woman is something lesser, even the elderly man, who cherishes this world in his kind and loving way, smiling, knowing that time could not touch him. Loveliness is timeless, and whispers to us through children's laughter, feathery clouds…and Lovely.

This perfume gives us a lesson on loveliness. Its presence is modest and subtle. It's delightful, but doesn't bind us, it let us freely enjoy its scented notes.

Lovely is simple, but mysteriously unfathomable. Musk and lavender speak clearly with just a hint of mandarin and bergamot. It calms us down but does not allow us to fall asleep, because loveliness itself is located between dreamy sweetness and radiant energy. It allows you to be charming and gentle, characteristics that only a strong individual can allow himself to be like that. Large and sturdy oak a storm can break, but a gentle and flexible cane is left unharmed by the wind. Therefore start your day with a smile on your face and a few sprays of Lovely and show the world that you can win by being graceful.

Lovely is the ideal scent for spring, for during the day and carrying on into the evening. The price is not high and is ideal as a gift for someone's first as well as their last perfume because loveliness is timeless.

It is designed for all women, from 7 to 107 years and occasionally some men who are so strong and unaffected by stereotypes that they are willing to show their gentler side. Although it is designed for women, scented oils from which Lovely is made of develops fantastically on men's skin. Whoever chooses this fragrance has my respect, because... you need to be really strong and tough to be lovely.

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