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Love Tuberose fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tuberose, gardenia, jasmine
  • Heart

    • chantilly cream, vanilla
  • Base

    • cedarwood, sandalwood

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Okay, this is simple and gorgeous. I get tuberose and cream, both notes smelling accurate and true. A perfect snuggle scent or bedtime scent. Lovely.
25th November 2021
The epitome of effortless elegance, the beauty of feminine nature. She has white skin, red lips and elegant Elie Saab wedding dress to reflect a graceful modesty and an unparalleled sophistication. She'll be sweet, lovely and coy. She has you in her clean, beautiful hands. If elegance, class, comfort, and warmth had a smell this would be it. Big beautiful white flowers swimming through a vat of white chocolate. Extremely sweet, addictive, creamy, romantic, heavenly, passionate breath... elegant, sexy and tender, love and passion.

A WOW opening of magnificent tuberose followed by gardenia & jasmine with the escort of whipped cream as a loyal body guard. Vanilla and woods sgowed up a little later in the dry down to help reinforce the already-calm-down rich scent of the three powerful flowers, and added more depth to the composition that doesn't blast you in the face, but provides a decent amount of fragrance release at arm's length over many hours. It's perfect for woman on her wedding day or a romantic evening out with your sweetheart or to be paired with red lipstick and lacy underwear.
29th December 2020

Well, did ever a perfume say ‘Welcome to my cloud' as convincingly as this? The essence of Love Tuberose is that it brings on satisfying fantasies of being rolled and caught up in something as soft as the fluffiest of clouds. This tuberose and jasmine combo – faintly tinged with greens – matches the usual persistence of these flowers with an incredible airy, creamy gentleness. Banish all greasy thoughts of coconut and indoles which make other perfumes featuring tuberose often such a trudge, let go of the dread of perfumed suffocation, and breathe.
Amouage call this a gourmand tuberose, but I disagree – sure, this is as packed with sweetness as a patissier's larder, but there's nothing remotely cream cake about it. If anything, Love Tuberose is an olfactory marshmallow, but only in the sense of its air-turned-into-softest-substance quality.
This is probably still not for you if you can't stand uber-sweet perfumes, but if, like me, you fear the power-mad personalities of white flowers, Love Tuberose displays a welcome lighter, brighter side.
Quite a linear perfume, Love Tuberose does thin out quite a bit after about 3-4 hours wear, at which point a single re-spritz is enough to bring it back up.
18th June 2019
A sweet, fresh & flowery tuberose, swiftly joined by jasmine in the opening. For the first few moments there's a touch of crispness, before milky lactones appear, turning to coconut cream over the first half-hour. Later on, I distinctly smell lily, & perhaps a little gardenia in the heart. Four hours in, the base of vanilla & sandalwood begins to show itself. The projection is very good for the initial two hours, then it settles closer to the skin, fading out after around twelve hours.
This one definitely reminds me of another perfume, & I think it's closest to Bruno Acampora's Blu, another tuberose with a pretty, gentle & dreamlike quality. There are no in-your-face indoles here, no sharp edges to spoil the scene. If you like your white florals soft & approachable, rather than big & bold, I recommend trying this.
5th April 2019
I adore tuberose, and I expected to like this one just fine. But Love Tuberose manages to use its gourmand elements of vanilla cream and almond to make the composition airier, which is just the complete opposite of what I expected. The sandalwood in the base also provides a nice foundation without adding too much extra weight. Overall, it's a linear thing but a sheer joy to wear and perfect for any season. In my opinion, the best of the Love series thus far, and the only one that truly lives up to its name. Now, I'm off to save up for a full bottle which I can hopefully afford in another year, give or take. *sigh*
23rd January 2019
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