Love Potion fragrance notes

  • Head

    • ginger, Indian spices
  • Heart

    • cocoa flowers, tangerine, lily, vanilla
  • Base

    • tonka bean, sandalwood

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The sweetness of chocolate scent is inviting you into her spiced arms to give you a flirty kiss unto your lips, making your face her favorite canvas and creating elegant colours of blush reds and making your eyes bright up with mischief. That's kind of sweetness that speaks to everyoneI, the scent is really sweet but not candy sweet. Like a french girl who wears sweet perfumes but still stays classy.

The chocolate elevated with the rum,and balanced with vanilla then settle into a spicy sandalwood that makes it a flirty, comfortable and cuddly scent. A bomb-proof gift idea for a young, outgoing and feminine woman who doesn't like too bold perfume. If you love the chocolate note in particular, you'll surely adore this. Good sillage but it doesn't last a super long time on the skin.
18th April 2021
Reminds me of Crystal Noir upon first application. The lily is prominent to me. The dry down is subtle. Lovely fragrance, for the price.

Wearing this some more I realize it isn't lily. It's the ginger and tangerine that throws me off here. I get more of a food thing going on. A buzzy, syrupy, toned down sweetness. It smells like a cocktail you'd sip nice and slow.
21st February 2017