Love Mimosa 
Amouage (2019)

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Part of the 'Secret Garden' collection.

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Reviews of Love Mimosa by Amouage

Imagine of looking out of the window on a rainy day,and seeing a beautiful mimosa tree in full bloom.this scent just makes you smile and gives you positive energy.a minimal,clear-cut mimosa odor for people who prefer clean summer perfumes rather than heavy tones.warm and fresh at the same time.joyful,clean,innocent, linear, powdery and deliciously fresh.

Opens up with a subtle mimosa, soft and creamy, surrounded by an violet leaf aquatic note and a touch of feels soft and inviting.a little sweet but enough for not being overpowering,the mimosa note is just on point.then,after a few hours,it becomes an unpredictable skin scent.the dry down feels slighty powdery and soapy with orris and heliotrope.this is not the most unique mimosa scent.too expensive for a synthetic mimosa, if you want a affordable and easy to find alternative,Champes Elysee Guerlain with real mimosa scent would be great.
Jun 5, 2021

Aquatic mimosa – and there’s the problem. Why take this optimistic scent of spring and submerge it in a swimming pool? Those less bothered by such things, may appreciate more the heady mix of mimosa, buddleia and ylang at the heart stage of this perfume. For me there was just a tad too much distracting chemical prickle. For a while it turned into abstract mush, like something one might smell a kilometer downwind from a shampoo warehouse, before doing a final turnaround hours later and revealing where it had been heading all the while – towards a true, soft yet persistent, powdery but not overly so, fluffy mimosa. I found this too long to wait, other may enjoy the ride getting there.
Jun 27, 2020

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