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Revlon (2015)

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Reviews of Love Is On by Revlon

There are 1 reviews of Love Is On by Revlon.

Revlon describes the scent by saying: "Designed to spark the chemistry between two people, Love Is On™ is a seductive scent that ignites attraction and inspires love. A captivating blend of velvety rose, spice, and vanilla infused musk." The tagline for the scent is: "Loved by women; irresistible to men."

Revlon lists the notes as follows:

"Fragrance notes:
• Enticing top notes: Italian lemon with sweet berry and velvety rose
• Stimulating core: Cardamom and ginger with exotic sandalwood
• Seductive melt down: Vanilla infused musk with sparkling amber"

Let me start by saying: I love rose scents, and I love citrus, vanilla, ginger and amber, so I felt I had to try this one out since it combines so many notes that I am drawn to.

I get almost nothing of the top notes when I spray it on myself. No real citrus burst from the lemon, and no real berry note, either. Maybe the tiniest bit of rose, but not much. On me, instead, it goes right to the middle notes of spice and quickly to the base notes of vanilla, musk and amber.

Honestly, it's kind of a one-trick pony scent on me. A rather insipid vanilla-ish scent with some minor spicy and amber hints. Kind of reminds me of a Bath and Body Works fragrance--akin to warm vanilla sugar with a hint of the amber one thrown in. Since I have a whole bottle of the stuff, I'll probably use it as room spray.

If you need a scent to wear to work that's completely inoffensive and wears close, or if you enjoy smelling like a vanilla candle or a cupcake, this one may be for you.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something new, or that stands out, etc., take a pass. I say it's completely. . . meh.
Jul 10, 2016

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