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Chloé (2010)

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Love, Chloé by Chloé

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Love, Chloé is a women's perfume launched in 2010 by Chloé

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Reviews of Love, Chloé by Chloé

There are 14 reviews of Love, Chloé by Chloé.

Spring-like top notes. Femme. Obvious floral. Lots, of flowers. I got notes of hiacynth and wisteria straight away. I get a somewhat soapy feel from this frag so far. Faint wisps of iris and heliotropine appear. Dusty notes move in later. Very dry. Clean, too.

Maybe I'm becoming a perfume snob. More and more mainstream perfumes just don't "do it" for me. This, is one of them...

I just bought this and am wearing it today- I'm already in love! I used to own the intense version but that one has a very strong musk that makes it go a bit animalic. This is more delicate and clean, but make no mistake, it is not weak by any means. I get a very noticeable sillage and average longevity at around 6-7 hours.

This is a powdery iris that is blended so well that it almost smells like cream. I definitely detect the rice powder that gives it that milky sensation. The powder accord doesn't veer too synthetic and it doesn't smell like baby powder. This is a taclum scented perfume, not a perfume scented talcum if that makes sense. And it doesn't smell dated or like it could be out of place on anyone. This could be used by women (people) of all ages who just want a no nonsense pleasant powdery perfume.

This really reminds me very much of Prada Infusion d'Iris in the eau de toilette formulation (the one with the frosted glass bottle) but this one has better performance and the iris is less pronounced, but still detectable. I have, love, and need both in my collection. I consider Prada to be my Spring/Summer powder go-to, and this one could be suited for any time of the year.

I never know if this one is discontinued or not, I hear different things from different sources all the time, but I'd say regardless if you can find this at a reasonable price or even at retail, it's worth it. If you like Prada Infusion d'Iris or powdery scents in general, I highly recommend this. I do not however, recommend the Love Intense unless you like a bit of naughtiness in your scents.

The powdery purple blooms of lilac, wisteria and iris play hide and seek behind the musky essence of base notes. The play ground event supports the presence of light spicy sparkls of pink pepper. Excelllent mix of notes into this game results a superb score 4.5\5.

I bought a 30 ml bottle of Eau Intense to begin with and reviewed that, so I got to wondering if the lighter original might be easier in warmer weather, so I bought that one also. My addiction to perfume and cosmetics are represented in Love Chloe and the rice just floats my boat. I guess it represents that rice powder fragrance of a compact. The heliotrope is lovely, easier to wear than L"Heure Bleu, cheaper than Misia, endures on my skin without turning into anything else and convinces me hour by hour that it is was created with love, hence the name. Let's spell it out, I don't think this now discontinued perfume was created for being in love or as a motif of brand love, but from love, a love of that lipstick, powder and perfume.

At first the scent reminded me of Bulgari pour Femme, which I used to like but ended up finding it too powdery and overwhelming and gave my bottle away some years ago. I can't really pick out any individual floral notes from Love, Chloé. It seems it's not just about iris but an overall impression of the smell of cosmetics. These notes might work in creating a feminine aura for someone who enjoys wearing makeup.

Later I noticed that the scent had remained in my gloves and I found it quite pleasant in them. It seems more suitable for leather items than my skin.

Tried this today for the first time and it's absolutely divine on my skin, so although I'd vowed that I wouldn't buy any more perfumes because they all resemble one I already have, I HAD to buy this. It slightly resembles my bottle of Guerlain Insolence, but only so far as the powdery notes and a hint of iris. Otherwise, this is creamy and delicious, very feminine and quite romantic and daydreamy, whilst being sophisticated and sexy. I think it's absoloutely gorgeous overall.

I noticed a slight hint of something that reminds me of pear in it though, which fits it really nicely, but I'm not sure what note exactly is making me feel that. Oh well, in love with this, definitely a new favourite, and could quite possibly be my new signature!

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