Chopard (2020)

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A beautiful oriental princess in colourful silk attire on a camel train in a country far far away where one thousand and one night fairytales were made.a land full of sand and land full of palaces...rose always makes an immediate and dramatic impression.this fragrance is a dance of alluring roses but damask rose and taif rose are more dominant to me as damask rose has a spicy,dry,dark and provocative nature and taif rose is detectable and opulent,romantic,dark,glorious, familiar and velvety smooth, balanced rose.

It's literally a dance of alluring scents swaying to every note as this fragrant melody unfolds from your skin and into the air titillating the olfactory senses.the scent with the lovely damask rose surrounded by hints of mandarin and it begins to settle pretty gourmand notes of cacao and sugar and a lovely cinnamon emerge.finally it settles into a beautiful powdery base of patchouli,vanilla and tonka bean,with the rose beautifully lingering the background.this is not a girly-sweet rose.the rose here juicy, rich,plush and dark with an oriental night vibe.there is a hint of synthetic in it as it doesn't resemble a hyper-realistic rose.totally it doesn't wow for me as it reminds me a few rose fragrances like Montale oud rose special occasion and dress up fragrance for certain.a perfect Valentine's scent.
Jan 5, 2021

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