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Reviews of Louve by Serge Lutens

There are 28 reviews of Louve by Serge Lutens.

Almonds almonds, almonds....do I need to say more?
oh yes, cherry fruitcakes too. after a while a lovely jasmine is added, and a bright-ish rose too, but the rose is more in the background on me. The almonds are sometimes a bit like almond milk - maybe a connection to the name, as Romulus and Remus survived by the milk of the she-wolf? At times they are a touch like marzipan, with an occasional indolic whiff.

Later on and ambery vanilla develops, and white musks are present towards the end.

I get strong sillage, especially initially, excellent projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

An Almond bomb in a cherry pie, lovely for warm autumn days, quite well done for the first half, whilst the later stages are a tad generic. For an almond lover. The name appears more of an artistic whim that a depiction of the product. 3/5
Mar 13, 2021


Louve (she-wolf) is a gorgeous name for a perfume; unfortunately too much almond simply doesn't work for me.

I love almond in other scents: in Le Baiser du Dragon and Jasmin Noir, for example, it functions like a necessary co-worker.
In Louve, to me, almond is the only distinctive note together with vanilla, which makes it too too sweet.

Too bad, I was set on loving "Louve".
Feb 20, 2020

I was prepared for the worst. The combo of cherry, almond and vanilla had served two popular cosmetic items in the past. My mother and aunts always put on Jergen's hand lotion in the winter, which was very very strong. Likewise, in my youth, the Vidal Sassoon shampoo line reeked of it.

Louve begings strong, but calms down within minutes to become quite close to the skin. It has all the warm and reassuring vibes connected with these three gourmand scents, but in dry down more resembles a bowl of ice cream, combining cherry vanilla with pistachio.

It's a wearable gourmand as it is not in your face, not making you reek of the kitchen or the pantry. It is however rather simplistic, hence the neutral review. Nice, but not remarkable.
May 17, 2016

I totally get the She-Wolf idea....a She-Wolf is a Mother. Not many no-time-for-kids career women lady wolves around! Nope, she's a Mom. And that's why this is a comforting, sweet, milky scent. It's tender and makes you feel like your Mom just made some lovely cookies and it's almost Christmas and all is right with the world. I love it from the cherry opening to the almond milk with vanilla and musk dry down. This is a great snow and pink sweater scent. It's more tremulous and furry than Keiko Mecheri' s Loukhoum (which I also love)....furry feeling, like a She Wolf, tremulous like her little ones. A beautiful perfume, spreading love in a small, close to the skin circle around you and your loved ones. Worth every penny.
Oct 2, 2015

The opening on this was marvelous--I love almond scents, and I am still in search of a sweet and lasting one that is true to life but not too cloying. However, the almond notes vanished relatively quickly, leaving behind a kind of generic floral powdery scent--almost like baby powder. Disappointing.
Jan 10, 2014

My curiosity about Louve was piqued upon reading an interview with a French actor (I forget whom) who said words to the effect that she immediately knew this was for her and she could not be without it. That kind of diehard love is usually a signifier of a degree of individuality and Louve does not disappoint on that score.
The opening surge of bitter almonds brought visions of Miss Marple running from the scene of the crime, a lace-edged handkerchief clasped over her nose, muttering, ‘Cyanide gas...' It's a pretty shocking, no-compromise start, but the transitions start almost straight away. The almond softens considerably, grows marzipan-like for a while, there's a suggestion of pink rosiness and, in time, the overall feel becomes more and more like cherry kisses. The volume also perceptibly drains away and the skin scent that is left is mainly candied cherries, with a hint of lactones and a little soft almond. It may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed the journey immensely (particularly the stage when the floral notes come into view) and found the destination to be a place of comfort. I do wish it would project just a little bit more, though.
Jul 30, 2012

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